Looky what I am getting!!!

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  1. Thanks to shopping247's thread on Cruise 2008 pix, I figured out DH is bringing this beauty back from Hong Kong! I can't wait to see it in person! So very happy!:yahoo:
  2. What a beautiful color!! Congrats
  3. Congrats. This is the only cruise bag that really caught my eye by the pictures. I hope you post pics when you get it.
  4. Oh okay! Congrats I would have never thought of that one!
  5. How exciting!!! It is sooo beautiful!
  6. beautiful!
  7. i have seen this IRL and it is TDF! lucky you and what a nice hubby!
  8. Oh thats beautiful!
    Congrats and enjoy!
  9. Lovely :heart:
  10. Wow....i'm so happy for you, lucky gal!!

    Don't forget to post pics when u receive her!!
  11. 11 days and counting!!
  12. congrats! Do post some pics.
  13. It's so good to hear that your DH will be bringing you back something from Hong Kong. The colour of that bag is amazing, a tinge of orange but not too much which is good. I actually have been walking past it in the PB shop for the last few days!
  14. tangerine!! s pretty! congrats :yes:
  15. wow, love that color! what a fabulous hubby, you lucky girl!