Looky what came home with me the other day...


hopelessly addicted
Apr 11, 2006
im almost always in MJ land....YSL has always been a strong love for me, but I have only owned a few here and there. i had a praline besace for a brief time, and sold it on an impulse and have regretted it ever since. In my search to fins that bag again, I've only seen one in a brown shade over the past year and totally out of my budget :sad:

recently I *almost* succumbed to an anthracite catwalk on fashionphile...the price was sooooo good, but I knew the grey for me was "settling". Went shopping the other day with my sister to a local consignment shop i had never been to and found this bag hidden behind a huge gold coach bag in the corner behind the register....i never see YSL around these parts, even at our saks outlet....I have no idea how it got here....or why someone would consign such a beautiful bag....brand new, with tags/dustbag/etc...but i swear to god you should have seen me in there. I had bought it in my head even before i'd asked the shop lady to see it....my hands literally got shaky once I got my paws on it....I'm not a frequent YSL poster, but I had to share....been staring at this beauty the last 2 days....so in love and feel so lucky to have it wander back into my life...

ysl muse II in praline croc nubuck!!!!

suede interior! :faint: