Looky what arrived this morning by UPS!!!!!

  1. Hi i became obsessed by my Giant Hobo in Aqua so much so I decided to buy it in white!!! Anyway it arrived this morning by UPS along with an anthracite GH Bi fold wallet!!! Which I love by the way! so much so i really want a bag in it. Mine has no green undertones at all and is a true yummy grey.
    Anyway I asked for bright bright white and i got.... stone white! I was expecting the same colour as the Bal boxes! and was a little disappointed.... can anyone comment on the whites this season as I havent seen any at all! (sad i know but i live in rural uk) Any help would be appreciated.... TIA

  2. Supe cute! I love the new Hobo Style! I have never seen that wallet before. It's so unique! CONGRATS and I hope you LOVE them!
  3. wow the hobo looks great. white is so refreshing! congrats.
  4. Awesome, that GH looks great, you have wonderful taste:yes:
  5. the only white i have seen is natural, which isn't white at all. your hobo is beautiful - and the wallet is so adorable!! did you get them in the uk? or another Bal store?
  6. The new hobo might be my favorite style now. I absolutely love it. The wallet is really fabulous too. Would you be able to post more pics of the wallet in natural sunlight? TIA
  7. I love the bag, I actually prefer more of a stone white! On the diabro website, it looks like the white bags with GH are not as bright of a white as the white bags without GH. But as I said I prefer it that way. Congratulations!
  8. Love Love Love!
  9. Wow!! Those are fantastic!! So unique, definately great picks!!
  10. congrats! ENJOY!
  11. Congrats!!! That is one gorgeous hobo. I think the GH really suits the hobo style. She is a keeper.:drool:

    I have never seen that style of wallet. :smile:
  12. Very nice, I love the white :biggrin:
  13. The UK is useless for Bal really so far I have only purchased from BalNY!!!
  14. The pics were taken in natural sunlight. It was the best I could do with my useless borrowed camera! (my dad is on holiday for 3 weeks in Australia and has stolen mine!) (he better bring me soething back!!!). I will try an take a few pics in the morning as it is early evening here so the light is fading.
  15. I prefer the off white, it looks more expensive and may not 'yellow' so much over time.