Looky Looky!!! New blake for EMMY!!!!

  1. OK ... She's here...and she's a BEAUTY!!! I have drooled over this bag long enough...and after seeing Christine's I couldn't take it anymore!!!! I swear I'm done until fall bags come out...:yes: .....Ha-ha--June, right?!:graucho:
    black blake 021.jpg black blake 002.jpg black blake 009.jpg black blake 010.jpg black blake 012.jpg
  2. congrats Emmy, your new bag looks great!
  3. Emmy, it's a fab bag and it suits you perfectly!:heart:
  4. You look great with it Emmy! You got the matching Zip Clutch too, double congrats. =)
  5. EMMY!!!!!!! ARE YOU F-IN' JOKING ME?? :nuts:

    I love it, I can't believe you bought it!!! Now we have twinsies! I hope you love it just as much as I love mine. Isn't the chocolate interior TDF???! I'm jealous that you have the zip clutch, I want it now and hope Damian has one left. Congrats again and wear her in good health, it looks FABULOUS on you :yahoo:

  6. Beautiful bag EMMY!! You look awesome with it! :nuts: Congrats girl!:yes:
  7. You look absolutely fabulous with that bag Emmy!!! It's such a gorgeous and versatile bag!! CONGRATS!!!!
  8. Emmy!!!! The new Blake is stunning and I love the zip clutch too!!!! Congrats!!! YAY!!!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Very nice Emmy! Lovely as usual!
  11. Crysti and Emmy you guys are seriously killing me. I went back to look at Cristi's pics again and I'm drooling with envy! GORGEOUS bags you guys!
  12. Congrats!! its beautiful!

    Im on a ban until after the wedding, then I'm buying myself a wedding present! LOL...i just have to decide which one...:p
  13. O:huh:...drool...good one Emmy!
  14. FABULOUS bag EMMY!! Me likey likey!! I love that you got the set... It looks great on you, CONGRATS! Enjoy her, but don't neglect the tomatoe!
  15. You look great with it- Congrats!!