Looks pretty interesting....

  1. I was on the Chanel forum talking about my sister doing some damage to her pink reporter bag and a nice PF member posted this site. They repair bags....
    It is called LovinMyBags.com.
    I nor she is affiliated with the site.
    I was amazed at the before and after of the bags they repaired. It is worth checking out.
  2. thanks for the info ;)
  3. The only thing with this is that if you have any "outside" people work on LV bags, they will no longer repair them for you.
  4. An interesting thought, but most brands will repair their own bags anyway.
  5. what traci said.....
    id rather have lv fix it. i will definitely do that for my other bags though! thanks!
  6. Louis Vuitton's policy will not honor any repairs on their items if they have already been altered with.
  7. Again, thanks for the information
  8. If the Chanel bag is authentic, Chanel would be more than happy to fix the item for you. I'd rather bring my bags and items to the designer to fix since they do know the item best.
  9. I agree with others that I would not let another source touch my bag if it were damaged... :sweatdrop:
  10. I would not use this company, I would go with the designer for any repairs.