Looks of the speedy neverfull mm

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  1. Yes the never full is more practical but what do you guys think of the looks of it? At times I think it's just a giant simple tote compared to the LV speedy
  2. IMO .. It's actually whoever carries it
    makes the bag rock !!! Both are great
    bags by the way ;)
  3. I think it's simple and chic especially in Azur.
  4. I love how it looks when it's cinched in :cool:
  5. I always liked the look of them whenever I see them on someone, and I never think "tote" when I see them.
  6. I like it cinched in :smile:
    I dont have one, but I always think they look great when I see others using them.
  7. First I didn't like them , now I have 3 mm's.

    I love the simple and classic shape.
    All prints look more like à purse when cinched in mm. Azur à beautiful summer toto, mono such à classic and ebene more chique!
    Also with the nf I dont care about how the vachetta turns. Its great with à nf.
    Cinched à Nice purse for going out, uncinched great for putting everything on top for travel or with kids.
  8. Tbh, most of the times when I look to see a girl's outfit or bag, she has a NF and I love seeing them wearing it cause it looks so beautiful cinched or uncinched! I think it's my favorite bag to see worn by someone!
    Like Queen Maria said, it depends more on who is carrying it than the bag itself!
  9. Thanks friend !!!! HTH

  10. I own four of the NF so I am biased. That said, it is such a practical bag, easy to get things in and out of, and completes your look. IMO you can never have to many of this particular style!:smile:
  11. The Neverfull looks decent, but too casual, in my opinion.
  12. I agree , I haven't seen one picture were someone can dress it up its just such a casual bag
  13. Yes, the NF is simple...but to me, that's part of it's appeal. Heavily embellished bags go out of style. The simple ones with clean lines don't.