Looks Like They Will Make Jewelry Out of Anything!

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  1. Okay. Now who among you all would wear this: a retainer, as a pendant on a necklace?


    Courtesy of Fred Flare.
  2. I should spray paint my old retainer gold and put it on a chain! Yeah boyeee! :shame:
  3. Uh... I'm going to pass.
  4. ewww.. thats gross...lol

    although.. i do wish I had my wisdom tooth bronzed...lol
  5. uh yeah. . . . NO! LOL!
  6. Yikes, that would make for one BIG pendant! An even grosser thing to make jewelry out of, in my opinion, is the deceased. I think they're called 'Gems of Life', or 'Lifegems', or something like that. At any rate, the deceased's ashes are processed in to a diamond, then set in to a piece of jewelry. One of our children plans to do that with my husband and me when we die. More power to her. The thought grosses me out, but I'll be dead so I won't care.
  7. If I got that for my grandfather, he would probably insert it in his teeth and never imagine it as a piece of jewelry.

    I don't think ANYONE could fathom this as an accessory!
  8. This is much more gross than the Life Gems, in my opinion. However, I am not creeped out by cremated remains. When you think about it, the remains of a person that have been blasted with thousands of degrees of heat are probably way more sanitary than retainer.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. UGH.. so gross !!! No thanks !
  11. Ehhh thats a no, no for me
  12. that's terrible
  13. ewwww....what would u wear it with???