Looks like the First, but size of the City?

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  1. Hello! I am a newbie, so bear with me. Is there a bag that has the look of the First but the size of the City?

    I recall Barney's having a Giant First, but it still seemed smaller than the City. thanks!
  2. The town looks similar to the first but is smaller than the city
  3. When you see the word "Giant" it usually refers to the hardware not the size of the bag.
  4. wonderwoman9: thanks! just looked it up, it might be the perfect one for me!

    cali_to_ny: thanks for the clarification! now it all makes sense... :smile: i was a little confused as to why a bag that is not that big would be called a "giant," haha.
  5. you are welcome. i have two towns. i love them!! perfect size for me!