Looks like the Decollete!

  1. so i walk into aldo last week and saw these shoes:


    took a close and good look at them, picked them up and everything..even the toe of the shoe looks exacly like my decolette's...and btw, this color "taupe"...in real life, this shoe looks almost EXACTLY like my camel patent decolette's...just without the red sole >_< gosh!!! i'm kind of mad. lol..ah well! :cursing:
  2. This makes me sooo mad!
    We spend sooo much money to have a shoe that not too many people have. Why cant they respect that? I really do hope Louboutin patents his red sole. Make everyone recall their red sole look-alikes!!
  3. i know i got mad when i saw it =( and i thought the decollete's weren't that popular either!! arrrrghh
  4. I dont think its not that their not popular, they are a classic. I think they are a must have of Louboutins. Classic style. I have the black 868 & love them to death. They are at the cobbler now getting a red rubber sole put on them. They hurt, but the pain is so worth the beauty.:p
  5. Well atleast they don't have the red heel.....yet.
  6. They will soon...most already do. ex- Nine West, Oh Deer, Steve Madden?
  7. Oh well, they don't have those beautiful red soles! You still got your money's worthy, girl!

    I've never bought Aldo shoes anyway, since they always look like they're of such poor quality! And this is even just seeing them in the store, so go figure.
  8. Actually even if those Aldo pumps came with a red sole I can still tell at first glance they are not CL Decollete's. The lines/cut (esp. toe area décolletage -- i.e. toe area cleavage) are clearly off, as is the heel.
  9. DAMN! your good b/c i cant tell the diff..
  10. OMG, Shoewawa had some Aldo shoes posted today that were total rip offs of those two toned Pradas from fashion week. They've also copied Miu Miu..
    seriously, can't they come up with anything original??
  11. I have the decollete and I really don't think these look that similar - the front/cleavage of the shoe is off.
  12. I hate all these copies everywhere, its so cheesy! Its really annoying when we spend so much on the real thing. I dont understand ppl who buy these fake shoes, they are the same ppl carrying fake bags. CHEESY CHEESY CHEESY!!!
    :nospam: NO MORE FAKES!!!
  13. You could tell the difference between the two easily. But it still makes me mad! lol
  14. This is soo cheap & nasty.:push:
    I wear Decollete at work when I wear the skirt suit.
    The Decollete looks soo much more prettier though, don't you think?:confused1:

  15. To the OP, enjoy your shoes. It looks like a classic high heel pump to me.