Looks like the BubbleGum Pink to Me

  1. Oh man ... see, told you ... the resolution on these screens is terrible. The "Sky Blue" looks like bad news ...
  2. I would be careful ... I'm not absolutely sure, but it seems to be a fake :sad2: ! If you're interested on it ask for more pictures, also from the ID-cards aso !
  3. the spacing on the studs looks weird, but who knows!!
    Can you see if there are "tips" on the "1"'s??
  4. I would guess it is a fake- there is no black stitching on the top of the label
  5. yeah I looked at her other bags too...so so very fake.
  6. Looks like fake for many reasons
  7. Definitely fake.
  8. Plus, that's not even bubble gum pink... it's darker and the bubble gum doesn't have that much distressing (it's suppose to be the old smooth buttery leather)... bad news!
  9. Plastic fake:sick:
  10. The tag says 3666, which is a fake number. BEWARE!
  11. Yeah ... I know that both are fake ... I just couldn't see the resolution that well yesterday as I was using the computer at Kinko's ... not the one that I have at work (which has a superior screen).