Looks like my love for handbags has rubbed off ... (PIC)

  1. onto my 2 1/2 year old daughter! LOL

    This is Kate today at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, after picking out a souvenir. Out of all the stuffed animals, toys, etc. she picked a bag. She loved showing it off, too. Just had to share with my fellow handbag lovers. :heart:
  2. She is adorable!!!! Love the bag!!
  3. You better watch her. Today purple leopard, tomorrow Kathy Van Zeeland.
  4. Oh and not sure if this is posted in the right place ... if not, I am sorry, feel free to move. Thanks again Maureen for your help w/ the watermark.
  5. Oh Cheekers, she is a doll baby!

    And did she get the pose from her mother? *s

    Do they make that bag in brown, I want one.
  6. aww, what a cutie!
  7. What a cutie!! She's got great taste already!
  8. Cheekers you've raised her well :flowers: My friend's 2-year-old loves purses but hasn't quite figured out how to carry them on her shoulder so she just walks around with a bag on her shoulder with that arm raised in a salute. I don't have kids so I'll live vicariously through you moms!
  9. soooo cute!
  10. Look at her strike that pose! She's a natural....and so pretty like her Mom.
  11. She's so adorable! Looks like she's learning early :p

  12. first i must say that your kid is a DOLL. absolutely adorable!

    secondly what does everyone know about Kathy Van Zeeland? i'm going to post a thread about it. :yes: i see it sometimes, i like them.

    the kid, prrrrrrrrrrecious!~
  13. That's just priceless! My 3-yr old loves purses too. She gets a kick out of trying to lift my big bags.
  14. she is such a cutie. it's adorable how she looks like she is posing. just too cute.
  15. she's a cutie... i want to have a daughter now too :p (i have two boys)