Looks like my Bloomsbury PM is unfixable!

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  1. Just found out that my beloved Louis Vuitton Bloomsbury PM is probably unfixable! The first picture shows the unbroken side and the second picture shows where it broke! It’s where the strap attaches so there is no way I can use the bag! I thought they’d just have to replace the leather tab...I didn’t notice the canvas is cracked, and since the canvas is cracked where it is they can’t do anything! :sad: I can't bear to throw this bag away, any suggestions on what to do with it?


  2. Did you bring it in to LV?
  3. If LV won't fix it, a good leatherworker should be able to do something so at least you could still use it.
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  4. Omg

    I would be hysterical! I’m so so so sorry about your bag! I always hated crossbody bags....then I bought the Bloomsbury pm! Best money I have spent!

    If LV won’t fix it, I would find a recommended bag repairer or cobbler!

    Worse case, someone in the hacks thread could give you some insight......but I couldn’t do anything to mine if that happens! Mine will end up being a travel piece to go in my keepall when traveling!

    I hope someone can fix yours!
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  5. Oh, I'm sorry! But I agree that a cobbler can take care of it for you. I have seen other LVs hanging in my neighborhood shoe repair store. When I bought a pre-loved Cabas Piano, I brought it straight to him to ask about these black streaks on the bottom of the vachetta. He sold me a spot remover and a neutral cream to use and it looks wonderful now!
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  6. No, I went into LV to buy something today and showed the SA these pictures! He noticed the crack in the canvas which I didn't even notice! He told me I could bring the bag in for them to look at, but it's probably unfixable and I'll be turned away! :cray:
  7. Yes, this was my holy grail bag in terms of usefulness! I stopped buying LV bags after this one because it was perfect for me! I wore it every day almost exclusively for many years until one day it broke and fell to the ground as I was walking home! :cursing: At least it was well used?
  8. What's up with the canvas cracking anyways? I notice that even on the good side there are cracks! Is there something I'm supposed to be doing to be taking care of the canvas that I'm not doing!? :confused1: Anyone else have their canvas crack?
  9. Bring it in as suggested.
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  10. Things like this happen even though they shouldn't. Bring it in and they should fix. Please report back when you do.
  11. They won’t fix cracked canvas.
    I have 2 or 3 bags with cracks. I think it has something to do with extremely cold weather. All the bags that I own have been in temps from 20-90.

    the problem ones were in single digit temps and also high 90 humid days.

    I do not take any out in extreme weather anymore.
  12. LV won't fix cracked canvas, but a good cobbler can definitely make the bag serviceable. The Bloomsbury is my favorite bag!
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  13. I would definitely bring it in to LV. Last year I brought my DE Speedy b in due to the zipper fabric basically deteriorating and the SA noticed these tiny cracks along the top close to the fabric. She warned me they might not be able to fix it due to the cracks but she sent it out anyway. They replaced the entire zipper and it looks great. I also had my Black MC speedy that had cracks repaired. As long as the cracks aren’t too close to where the repair will be they might be able to fix it.
  14. Personally, I would do as advised and bring it in to LV. They are the only ones who can tell you if there's anything that can be done. If they say no, then you can move on to someone else for repair. My store does have a repair specialist who determines whether to send it to LV for assessment. There are some people on here who have brought bags in with cracked canvas and had the bag replaced. I'm not sure what determines this except maybe the age of the bag.