Looks Like Mary Kate Was In A Real Hurry, She Grabbed A Blanket And....

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    For those of you curious about the blanket, it's Marc Jacobs, from the Fall 06 collection.
  2. That looks ridiculous!! lol
  3. Isn't that Mary Kate?
  4. According to people.com this is Mary-Kate.
    I just don't get this girl. She's got everything: money, fame, nice face. So why on earth does she look like this?! First she looks like a homeless person mixed with a female version of Chryste, and now she wears a blanket and her hair look like she dyed them alone. There must be something wrong with her. I just can't stand her anymore, she looks worse and worse everytime I see her.
  5. Both these sisters gross me out with thier weird sense of style.
  6. She looks ridiculous
  7. wtf!
  8. that shoes !!!!
  9. Unbelievable:push: Once again she looks horrible from head to toe. Were all her purses stolen??? All she does nowadays is carry that bag which is ugly to begin with.:yucky: Poor thing. It's true what they say - "Money can't buy you a sense of style".
  10. She's gross, from head to toe. Yellow hair was never in.
  11. Dood! She totally stole my style, i walk around the house like that all the time! lmao
  12. I don't like the dress or the bag... :yucky:
  13. The Porsche is nice.
  14. if i have to see that atrocious bag in one more picture, i will fly out to LA, find her, and BEAT HER TO DEATH WITH IT.
  15. she looks like our launderer!
    dont like the color of her hair :oh: