Looks like I need to get some new things...r/o

  1. It's been so long since I've bought anything new (just the clover charm). I used to have several more pieces but ended up consigning them or giving them to a family member (backback style, couple wallet/card cases, drawstring style bag)...older styles that I didn't think I would use again.

    I just might have to see what the outlets have soon. I wouldn't mind getting something w/gold...like the patchwork or if I somehow get lucky..the little zebra pouch in gold/white.

    Here's my tiny (compared to some of you) collection. My fave are the shoes..I found them at TJMaxx 4 years ago for about $25...they are soooo comfy and worn out (I just can't get rid of them)

  2. Aww, your collection is darling! i swear it's all so perfectly usable and awesome at the same time. I need to learn to buy like that. Cute and practical instead of kinda cute and ridiculously unusable. You're my shopping hero!
  3. oooh i love those shoes too! your whole collection is great! thanks for sharing!
  4. Beautiful items and adorable shoes. I would totally wear those out too.
  5. Nice colletion! Thanks for sharring pics!
  6. I love your collection!!! The red is beautiful!
  7. Nice Collection! Those shoes are classic and I love the red tote!