Looks like Bluefly replenished their moto inventory

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  1. They currently have:
    GH Hobo in red
    GH Hobo in Truffle
    GH City in White
    GH City in Truffle
    GH PT in White
    GH PT in Truffle

    Be sure to check the deals and steals subforum for 15% and 20% codes. See the thread there for how to get the 20% to work even if you have an account (the key is both a new email address and delete browser cookies). Further, don't forget to use your r.e.b.a.t.e programs if you are a member.

    These discounts can bring the GH hobo down to $765 (I'm assuming you can make the 20% work and apply a 4% r.e.b.a.t.e)
  2. All gone :sad:
  3. You're a sweetie Adopt! I went flying in after the red and everything....GOOOOnnnneeeeeee of course :p!!). Man, This is truly a competitive sport! Many thanks for posting!! :yes:
  4. OoooooooH, red would've been :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. Yeah, I totally would have bought the red. I think to capture these Bluefly bags, a person has to be up early EST.
  6. No kidding!!! Even before the sun rises!
  7. The part time in white is in my cart. I am soo tempted, but I just do not think i can do a white bag! I am going to release it in just a few mins, so keep an eye out if you want it.
  8. Thanks for the post. Next time I'm up in the middle of the night I'll check bluefly.
  9. thank goodness none of these are ones I wanted. lol.
  10. Though I'm still waiting for my Grenat Mini Bowl to arrive...(don't know what happen to that baby), those deals are really tempting...Too bad I do not have the advantage to steal those deals since my time difference with them is 3 hours. But for sure...my wallet is happy:p
  11. They also had the cutest Sapin Toilet case that I had in my shopping cart when my computer decided to freeze. When I rebooted she was gone!! So sad.
  12. Today I just returned to Bluefly a gorgeous truffle GH part time so keep an eye out for it in a few days....It had really nice leather and I was so tempted to keep it but I don't think I can pull off the GH. Though I love it, it is a bit too flashy..and I can't justify keeping it in my closet just to admire it in the mirror of my home. :sad: But with 20% off it was such a great deal! I hope another tPFer eventually gets it!
  13. adoptastray, I had same experience as yours. Check back after 5:30 EST. Actually, the item is still in your cart, but since your computer freeze somehow, the # of item did get back to the # before you put in the cart. Last time, I was able to get my wallet!
  14. FYI: GH truffle city is available right now I believe.
  15. oh my Lord- I have been randomly checking that site for what seems like MONTHs and have never ever found anything!!!

    you bet this is competative!!