Looks like another '05 Ice Blue Clutch...

  1. I LOVE my clutches, but for some reason the ice blue is just too light for me....I bet it gets bought tonight though! Ice Blue lovers where are you!
  2. gone already :sad: great find whoever got it.
  3. Is that one authentic? It looks like the numbers on the underside of the tag are very high up by the seam....maybe just a production error?
  4. Sorry!! I shouldn't have but I hit BIN. :graucho: I've never seen Ice Blue before in real life so it should be fun and it looks to be a decent size. No more Balenciaga for me until next year. :banned:
  5. ^^ :confused1: Oh no! Well I haven't paid yet....
  6. ^^Sorry babyclouds...It very well could be authentic.

    I have never owned a clutch, but typically aren't the numbers & made in italy stamp more centered in the middle of the tab on all the bags??
  7. No...my Magenta first and Bordeaux Purse is about the same spot as this clutch.
  8. I'll check the other auction and see...
  9. Oh! That's good news! Sorry to give you a mini heart attack! LOL!!
  10. Oh no, I don't mean it like that! I'm still a newbie when it comes to Balenciaga so if it looks fishy to anyone else please post or PM. I honestly don't want to pay for a fake. :sad:
  11. Oh I now babyclouds! I was kidding too!

    I checked my city's (I only have city size bags) and they are all centered...
    I'm interested to see what others have to say too!
  12. I think this color would be really difficult to fake, no?:shrugs:
  13. Yes, that's what I've heard. Hm...and she has good feedback seller other designers. I'm still very green when it comes to Balenciaga. :shame:
  14. I wonder about that too but I've seen authentic bbags with the numbers imprinted up that high, and everything else looks good on that clutch. :shrugs:

    But congrats Babyclouds! I bet it will be gorgeous! I would love to see pics of it when you get it... :graucho: