Looks Like Angelina Has Big Plans This Year...Wedding + Baby On The Way ?!

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    More ease when it comes to talking about their relationship? A mysterious appointment with a gynecologist? Are Brangelina headed towards babyland and weddingdom? You better believe it!
  2. Great Scans, Thanks Prada's Meadow!
    I'm actually quite shocked/suprised to read that Brad still hasn't legally adopted the children!
  3. I haven't found Life and Style to be very reputable yet
  4. Bleh. I'm pretty tired of these two..all that they're doing is really respectable but I wish they'd try a little harder to stay out of the spotlight and magazines would stop featuring them so prominently. Ugh. They aren't the only celebrities to talk about...
  5. I'm soooosick of hearing about these two...
  6. I don't trust Life & Style. They take pieces of other people's interviews and make up their own story. I don't think Brad, Angelina or Jennifer want this much attention, but the paparazzi and magazines won't give up.
  7. I totally agree!!

    Totally over her too :yes:
  8. Me too. What's more I think that the first time Angelina got pregnant just because to keep Brad with her, and I doubt that they will have another biological child.
  9. :yes: . Unfortunately, these magazine latch on to anything that sells. I doubt they did an interview with them.
  10. Totally agree!!
  11. I hardly think Angelina would need to get pregnant to keep a guy...

    I say if this is true then good for them!!

    Although I have to agree that this magazine is not that reputable.
  12. Anything new about Jen's love life?
  13. Yawn..........would someone wake me when it's over? Thanks! :blah:
  14. I agree. She hasn't had the need to do that thus far. I think she had the baby because she was finally ready to have a child of her own and he wanted one too so they just had one!
  15. that must suck to be a celebrity...can't even go to the ob/gyn (probably just for a regular check up) without the whole world knowing!