Looks Like Angelina Has Big Plans This Year...Wedding + Baby On The Way ?!

Jan 23, 2006

More ease when it comes to talking about their relationship? A mysterious appointment with a gynecologist? Are Brangelina headed towards babyland and weddingdom? You better believe it!
Bleh. I'm pretty tired of these two..all that they're doing is really respectable but I wish they'd try a little harder to stay out of the spotlight and magazines would stop featuring them so prominently. Ugh. They aren't the only celebrities to talk about...
I don't trust Life & Style. They take pieces of other people's interviews and make up their own story. I don't think Brad, Angelina or Jennifer want this much attention, but the paparazzi and magazines won't give up.
I hardly think Angelina would need to get pregnant to keep a guy...

I say if this is true then good for them!!

Although I have to agree that this magazine is not that reputable.