Looks like a smaller version of the Hudson..

  1. Does anyone know what it's called? I was at the grand opening of Bloomies in SF today and saw it behind a glass. It was placed right in front of a Hudson..and looked like its little sister! I always thought the Hudson was a tad on the big side..then I saw this one and almost fainted! It's designed the same way, just smaller. I can't seem to find it online. I didn't have time to ask the worker since she was busy and I was on a time restriction too. Anybody, please help!! Thanks!
  2. Nevermind! I just searched "hudson" in this forum and found out it was the zip bowler. YAY!
  3. Cute!
  4. That bag is adorable! I would love to see it IRL.
  5. I love the zip bowler! You can find it on thepursestore.com I think, and the price is great! One of our members has one and adores it.
  6. ack that is adorable!!
  7. Ohhhh...I wish I hadn't seen that!:angel: :lol:
  8. Please keep in mind that Zipped Bowler comes in 2 sizes. This smaller Bolwer is very cute in real life, I don't like the bigger version (not to be confused with Trish, Hudson) which is very unstructured.
  9. Just saw this IRL and I want one now. I like this size more than the Hudson too.
  10. I really need to see this small one IRL... I saw the bigger one and I have to say, I actually like the size, albeit big.
  11. Hi - I have the smaller zip bowler in black. I love the size of this bag. I actually purchased the hudson in dark brown and ended up exchanging it for the zip bowler because the size was much better for every day use. I've attached a picture of me with the bowler so you can see the proportion better. I'm 5'3
    mirror.jpg frontzip.jpg
  12. Alioops, thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. =) You look great with Zip Bowler!!!! Can this bag be worn comfortably on the shoulder? TIA. =)

    I was too silly to not try it on in real life, it's sold out at my local Bloomingdale's. Nordstrom's buyers didn't get this bag, I haven't checked Saks. Would like to make sure it's right before I order it from MJ store. Couldn't decide on the color whether to go with Black, Dark Brown, or Chili. I wanted a subtle color (the less contrast the better), I'm leaning toward Black now. BTW, we dress alike. =)
  13. Hi bag.lover. I really enjoy this bag. I can get it on my shoulder but I only if i really need a free hand. The bag is small but it is wide. When it's on your shoulder your arm sticks way out if that makes sense and one strap always falls off. I think this one is a true "hand bag". I wear my MP if i know it'll be a two handed day.

    I originally had the hudson in dark brown but went for the black in the end because it would be more versatile with all of our great clothes!:yes:
  14. ^this will help with the width...
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