Looks like a Paddy without the lock

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  1. Well, maybe not exactly but .... for those of us who do not like the padlock but like the style of the Paddy this may be as close as we can get (until and/or if Chloe decides to make the bag without a lock). This is an Isabella Fiore Sidney leather shoulder bag. It is $635. (Not as expensive as the Paddy too!) What do you guys think? (I know the Paddy lovers will hate it ... lol)
  2. totally love the colour, but im not too sure on the stitiching! BUT totally love the colour, it will be great for summer!:biggrin:
  3. I sure like the shape of the bag. Does it come in other colors?
  4. It also comes in black.:amuse:
  5. Like the bag, hate the color - Just don't like that turquoise/acqua thing in any form.
  6. I saw this at NM yesterday. I love the color, I think it's a great bag for spring.
  7. Nice it also reminds me of the Gerard Darel charlotte shape.
  8. Wow, I really like the colour and the shape of the bag. I bet it's a lot less hefty than the paddington as well !
  9. That's exactly what I was thinking and the GD Charlottes cost almost half as much!
  10. ONG I love it and I love the color! Congrats on finding and posting a new and exciting bag! How big is it do you know? Does it compare in size to the paddy?
  11. I don't like the color but do like the shape. I wonder what the leather feels like???:smile:
  12. The dimensions are: 9-1/2" H x 14" L x 5" W. It has a hidden magnetic snap closure - three inside open pockets, one zip pocket. It also comes in black.
  13. Same here...looks like the charlotte except for the flap in the middle. I love the color!
  14. I am the same way....for whatever that has been a color I have disliked ever since I was little. :Push:
  15. I like the color and shape. Does it seem overpriced for a simplier Fiore bag? I'm not sure.