Looks like a new bag! Neverfull back from repair

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  1. 4307FFFB-0CBF-4454-BE2D-70384B091306.jpeg 08CEEB4E-1C8F-447B-BC38-596F15E84BBE.jpeg DFC8FB4A-3417-4DB7-B7C3-0F9313156278.jpeg 4307FFFB-0CBF-4454-BE2D-70384B091306.jpeg 08CEEB4E-1C8F-447B-BC38-596F15E84BBE.jpeg I’ve replaced all the leather for my beloved 9 year old Nevertheless MM in mono. After patiently waiting for five weeks, I finally got it back!

    To my surprise, they’ve replaced the entire pocket to a new one. It now has a zipper, lol. This is not what I’ve requested and I kind of miss the old Louis Vuitton logo on the pocket from the old model, but I’m not fussed about it. The bag now looks completely new and I love it.

    I spent $680 Canadian dollars for the repair. I got it from my sister-in-law as a gift nine years ago, it was only around $800 back then!

    Anyway, I love Neverfull and glad I got my work horse bag back!
  2. Beautiful! LV’s repair services are unmatched! However, the pocket dilemma is truly upsetting :annoyed: the cursive is why I cherish mine. They both have zippers though.
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  3. Thanks! I know, I wasn’t expecting them to change the interior leather. All I asked was a trim, handles and the two straps for cinching. Stripes on the new pocket is slightly darker than the original too, though I’m okay with it.

    This is a made in France bag and I’m glad the replaced leather at the zipper area still shows it’s MIF.
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  4. Did you happened to take a "before" picture? I would love to see the before and after transformation!
  5. 7AE5C1EF-C5C8-4AE3-91D9-DA2B12362266.png
    I didn’t take any before pic but this is from last year. It’s hard to see from this photo but the trim has darkened quite a bit and so as the handles. The trim leather got too dry after me trying to clean it too much. When I first got the bag, I didn’t know how to handle vachetta well, so lots of spots from rain.

    Patina champ method is working quite well with my Neverfull Azur, so I will do the same with my newly repaired mono Neverfull.
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  6. did the first neverfulls look different inside? I bought a neverfull when they físt came out and the inside looked the same with the stripes and the Zipper pocket, no difference to me
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  7. She means this - different to the new one not only in terms of font but the monogram within the stripes.

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  8. Beautiful!!
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  9. Yes, mine used to look like that! My Neverfull is from 2011, I think.
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  10. Yeah it would have. I actually got mines around May/June 2008 when they launched. I can only recall the date because my sister got married that year and j went to get a bag for the wedding and picked that up at the same time. Was a hell of a lot cheaper than today that’s for sure. It’s increased by 306%
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  11. Beautiful Nevertheless :biggrin: congrats!
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  12. It looks great!
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  13. Yeah, they increase the price significantly when they added a pouch. I have a pouch for my Azur Neverfull that I bought a year ago but hardly use it.
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