Looks like a Charlotte

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  1. It's not showing up for me...
  2. Yeah, I'm not surprised. Witchery bags have been very "inspired" for some time. Everything from the Silverado, Balenciaga, Kooba, even BV woven ball bag! I think a lot of these stores are doing it though, Sportsgirl, Strandbags (definitely Strandbags!!) Cue (which did quite a good one on the Mulberry Roxanne), et al.
  3. WOW. It looks just like it!
  4. it is exactly the same. and it costs even 170 punds!!! not so much less than the darel bag!! who would buy it?? some idiot!
  5. Does anyone know about the quality of their bags? For the US shoppers, this is less than half of the cost of a Charlotte... It works about to be about $125 US vs. $395 US....
  6. HOLY MOLY! I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    I guess GD's getting popular, to deserve an "inspired"...
  7. OMG, it looks almost exactly like it :amazed: :suspiciou
  8. It has a cell phone pocket..the GD's don't even have that!

    The prices are in Australian dollars and it translates to $124.64 USD.
  9. Okay, I'll be the guinea pig. I've placed an order. They had some really cute snake ballet flats, and the exchange rate is very good. So I bought the purse in Natural and the snake flats. I'll let you all know when I get them.
  10. Ooo, you MUST report back. I'm really curious. Was thinking I might order too....
  11. Wow, how weird that the first to do this are all the way in Australia (fakes in France are way less pretty than this one).
    Do report when you get it! Maybe the leather won't be as rich?
  12. I'm very curious to know as well!:P
  13. Ooh, how interesting! Please post pics! How long did they say shipping will take?
  14. 7 to 14 business days for international orders (i.e. outside of Australia).