Looks like 2003 Emerald - on eBay

  1. no, no its Fall 05 I think. also, its lambskin, not goatskin like the motobags. from the same collection as my 4 pocket tote and the same color/material. they made emerald, purple (I think?), cocoa, chocolate, caramel and black. there were a bunch of these at the Waikele Barneys outlet a few months back at a much discounted price....

    cool that it has attatched boobies though
  2. Now that you mention it, the Laptop bag (also in that beautiful Emerald color) was in 2005. That was the reason why I was so excited about the '06 Emerald.

    Thanks for the clarification!
  3. no problemo! I WISH it was 03 emerald... that color and leather looks soooooo incredibly beautiful!
  4. What "Laptop bag" - is that a Balenciaga style I haven't seen yet!?!? :wondering
  5. the 4 pocket laptop bag isnt a motocycle style- its an offshoot design.

    mine... [​IMG]
  6. Oh yeah ... I've seen that...but not in such a nice color! Have you actually used it for a laptop, and does it work well for that? It reminds me a teensy bit of the Julien Macdonald Laptop Bag...pictured below (I always wanted one of those, but it was a very limited edition, and back then I couldn't see spending $500 on a bag ... *lol*).
  7. mhmm fits my laptop with ease.
  8. OMG, CeeJay, you totally crack me up, are you checking out b-bags @ "kinko's" on your lunch breaks now?!?! :roflmfao:
  9. Can you carry it on your shoulder?
  10. I've seen that bag on ebay (the attached boobie one.) I have been calling it the tit bag. I'd be embarrassed to carry it, it looks like a practical joke. No offense to anyone who likes it!
  11. yep the laptop bag fits over the shoulder easily. i think they pop up on eBay kinda frequently
  12. Oh...I've seen that style before (I was calling it a "travel bag"). Yours is beautiful MOCEAN. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  13. ^thanks esiders!

    I didnt like it at first, thought I had made a big mistake and wasted potential bbag $$... I got it on sale at Barneys- and they dont take returns if you remove the tags (first thing I did!) but it's really grown on me and I use it all the time when I take my laptop out :yes: and all the pockets are awesome for extra cords, disks and other electronic stuff! Its the chicest laptop bag evah!