Looks abit like LV to me.

  1. It does have the pattern.
  2. Ew
  3. it has the pattern.
  4. Yes it looks like the pattern of LV.
  5. I pity anyone that would wear that! :yucky:
  6. Yes, it does look like the LV pattern from a far. :hrmm:
  7. My friend has all the clothes with this on. Everyone was wearing last week when I went to the Falloutboy concert. I too think its a bit too LV a like
  8. Thats horrible!
  9. That does not look good at all.
  10. UGLY. Looks like mall kiosk "inspired" trash, sry2say.
  11. Yikes.
    It seems like everyone tries to get in some kind of signature that looks like LV in somewhere.
  12. eww...
  13. Looks too much like LV too me.
  14. Either way I look at it, Im' not liking it.