Looking trendy blue jeans

  1. I live in Italy and I love the american blue jeans like True religion, Joe's, Seven, Citizen so everytime I go to US I buy a lot of them!
    In Italy the cost is double...
    Now I'm looking for a new trendy pair:
    what kind, model, brand, color do you suggest me?
    I'm not tall but slim and at the moment I like straight (absolutly not flare) and stretch.
    Sometime I buy from revolvingclothing.com or Shopbop (this one is so expensive for freight!!) ....do you know an alternative web shop that can sell to Italy?

    pls help me!!!:sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
  2. I just read about these on DC ( daily candy)
    Plumaria jean by Fidelity
    but i dont know where to get them , i seen some on active endeavor
  3. I have a pair of jeans from Serfontaine. You can check out their web site (www.serfontaine.com) for retail stoes, but Net-A-Porter has some also (but only a few). HOwever, these jeans tend to be a bit long, so you will need to get them altered.
  4. alotta celebs seem to be wearing j brand jeans lately....also available from active endeavors i think
  5. :P :P :P Thank you very much for your suggestions!