Looking to vacation in Myrtle Beach...any tips???

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  1. ...like where to stay, what to visit, where to shop, where to eat, and how many days will make for a decent vacation there...and any other tips.

    OR suggestions on any other random places that are driving distance from South Florida (15 hours or less). lol

  2. Oh wow - there are so many things to do in Myrtle Beach, from shopping to shows. There are two outlet malls that are really good. One of my favorite places to eat is Greg Norman's - it is located at Barefoot Landing -- great food and terrific atmosphere. There are lots of local type seafood restaurants all up and down Hwy. 17 and Murrell's Inlet has terrific places to eat as well. We have a condo, so a place to stay isn't anything that I could recommend.
  3. We just came back from visiting my dad who lives about 40 min. away from North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach. It was so nice there! The beaches are nice and they have some great outlet malls, tons of mini golf and restaurants. We loved it!
  4. I like Tybee Island, GA, the Ocean Plaza is nice. It's a little south of Myrtle Beach, near Hilton Head and Savannah. Lots to do - outlets, golf, historical sites, etc. and the beach is beautiful (this coming from a Floridian). It's 450 miles from Ft Lauderdale, approximately 6 hours by car.:smile:
  5. Myrtle Beach has tons of things to do. I'm actually leaving to go there for 2 weeks on Friday. I can't tell you where to stay because I have a condo on the beach. MB has TONS of restaurants, shows, many mini golf courses,shopping which includes 2 great Tanger outlet centers, and a great beach! My favorite place to eat is Margaritaville (located at Broadway at the Beach). I love the tropical atmosphere of the place.
  6. Margaritaville is a really neat place for sure ---- Tony Roma's at Broadway at the Beach is very good as well. You could stay a year and never have to eat at the same place twice --- Broadway at the Beach has some neat little shops. I personally like the outlet mall at Hwy 22 and 17 --- but there are additional shops at the outlet mall on 501 as well -- each has it's own attributes - so you need to visit both.
  7. I live an hour from Myrtle Beach and second the suggestion of Greg Norman's restaurant. The Tanger outlets have a great selection of shops. If you golf, there's lots of courses.

    Maybe it's a beach vacation you're looking for, but a closer destination would be Charleston, SC. Interesting shopping and restaurants plus the restored plantations and gardens to visit.

    Piperlu is from Myrtle Beach--she would have lots of ideas.
  8. i was there once and went to this place called the PanAmerican Omlette House...Delicious!! and they're open all nite
  9. You MUST shop at the Tanger Outlets there....my parents have a home at a nearby beach and that's where I always go when I need a party dress - they have a great BCBG outlet store that I love. Tons of great stores out there! It's in North Myrtle.