Tech Looking to upgrade my cell phone and I need your help!


Aug 26, 2007
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Well its time for me to upgrade my cell phone and I know that I definitely want a Blackberry.

Right now, two diffent phones have my eye.

The Curve:,C221,P883#tab_tab_overview

or/and the 8703e:

which phone should I get? I really want the curve but as of right now its not available yet (I have Verizon Wireless as my carrier) so I was thinking of getting the 8703e instead.

Should I wait until the Curve becomes available or just get the phone that they have now?? thanks;)


Sep 21, 2007
I'm looking to update mine too and also am on Verizon. I have no clue about phones but I know I don't like mine, a RAZR.
Same problem here. I've had the Razr for over 2 years and I hate it and it no longer holds a charge for more than an hour. However, I do NOT want a Blackberry. I have enough problems w/ work calling me- I don't want to be linked in 24/7, so to say. The selection of "regular" phones that have decent tech reviews available for upgrade is pretty crappy, IMO. I've been waiting to see if something better comes up on the choices.


Jul 24, 2007
Pearl is small phone shape but it doesn't have a full keyboard.

Curve has a full keyboard. It is also smaller than the 8703 and has the new little track ball thingie for navigating. The 8703 has the older navigation style ( the wheel) that involves clicking a lot more. That style is also a little more bad for you ergonomically.

Curve is in between size of the Pearl and the 87. The 87 doesn't have a camera.

Best bet is to go into the store and play with them. But in all, I'd recommend the Curve over the 87, but the Pearl isn't a bad choice either.


Aug 3, 2006
I have the Curve, and I love it! I had the Pearl before this, but I prefer the full keyboard of the Curve. I think you should wait it out for the Curve... definitely worth it!


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Apr 7, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Before you actually buy anything, try going to .....this site has just about everything you could want in the latest of cellphones and the prices are phenomenal. They also buy direct from the manufacturer so, you not only get the original phone in the original box, but they usually have specials where they bundle accessories as well, like a bluetooth and/or phone pouch.

I have A T & T and got the Sony Ericsson W810i and I love it....these are almost like mini computers! But the Blackberry line is great for those who need a larger keyboard and a bit larger screen...



Feb 17, 2006
I would definitely wait for the Curve, that other model is too old. The Curve has some great features and I believe it's the only Blackberry with a camera feature. You can also get GPS and satellite radio on it. It's a great phone.


Dec 14, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
I love my Curve too.

The only problem with buying one in the meantime is that you won't get a deal when the Curve comes out. Then again, sometimes Verizon's deals aren't that great anyway - I think I saved $50 off retail last time I got a new phone with them and I had to renew for 2 years.