Looking to the future. . .patchwork or classic quilted?

  1. So I really want another stam because. . .well because I'm obsessed. My question is since I already have a classic quilted should I get a patchwork?

    Is the patchwork too trendy?
    I'm really diggin' the one that just came out in cherry tart:heart::heart::heart:!!!!
    I have also been stalking one in bordeaux. I'm so torn. . .is it just because I'm not as used to seeing the patchwork?

    I think I remember another member recently asking a similar question about the patchwork.

    Ladies who have patchwork stams how do they compare to your CQ's?

  2. I actually really like the patchwork version too. It looks amazing in the brighter colors, esp in the cherry tart. I don't have one myself in the patchwork, but I have seen the cherry tart IRL on sale at NM not too long ago. It was so purdy! It's a little bit darker than the picture. I think the patchwork is a nice update to the classic stam. The leather smells so good and is really smooth to the touch! Hope you get one!
  3. I really love the quilted, I think it'll have longer staying power and I love love love the quilted leather!
  4. i prefer the quilted too, but i agree with kitcat. the patchwork looks great in bolder, brighter colors. i really love it in the cherrytart. i was contemplating getting a little stam in this color.
  5. I agree, I like the PW in bolder colors... Quilted looks better in neutrals. I think the bordeaux PW Stam is absolutely lovely.:graucho:
  6. I'm just not crazy about the patchwork. I keep thinking it will grow on me. I haven't seen the bolder colors IRL. Maybe those will change my mind.

    I love the classic quilted, though and the elastic quilted.
  7. I love the cherry tart color but really prefer the quilted over the patchwork. the PW kinda reminds me of old couches from the 1970's...