Looking to purchase my first Birkin any suggestions?

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  1. I've been a die hard LV, Channel, and Prada collector for many years and I'm ready to venture into the Hermes world.. I've always had my eyes on the Birkin black 40cm. Is this a wise choice? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:smile:

    Another question I have is that I visited the Hermes stores in Rome, NewYork, and Boston none of the stores displayed Birkin bags. Why is this?
    Thanks for any insight;)
  2. Welcome to Hermes!

    Have a look in here, it should answer your questions :smile:

    The Newbie's HOW DO I GET A BIRKIN (or other bag) Reading Room
  3. IMO 40 in kind of big, depending on how tall you are. I'd try some different sizes on to see how big they are. My wife has a black Prada Saffiano in the medium size. It's about the same size as a 35. My wife is about 5'4" Try one on for size if you can't find a Birkin to try on.

    I personally think 35 is similar to a tote size, 30 similar to a purse, and 40 more for a carry on. Be sure to check out the different leathers. Structure and weight are two important factors, especially with a 40. There is tons of info on this forum for you. Use the search option.
  4. Welcome! Please have a look at the link provided by pursecrzy and do a search - closing this now as there is a wealth of information on this which should answer your questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.