looking to purchase a staple handbag

  1. i have a bottega veneta hobo in black, chanel 2.55 limited edition in black and gold hardware, hermes togo birkin 35cm in blue jean and silver hardware and fendi baguette selleria in black.

    and i want to add another staple bag to this list. please help!
  2. LV speedy 25 in both mono and damier. It's cheaper then anybag you've just mentioned, but those are the staple bag for LV i think... and it made from canvas, so in case you've gone to some rough and tough place, and need a throw away bag, this bad is the best.
  3. What about a Balenciaga bag ? The Le Dix is always pretty to look at. :smile:
  4. Yep I would get a Bal city or first in black...!
  5. I would also suggest a Bal bag, in black or a chameleon color like anthracite, ink, or check out the colors like steel/plomb!
  6. All of my bags are sort of staple bags. My black balenciaga city is a staple bag in black and my speedy 30 is a staple bag in terms of classic luxury, timeless style. I consider these two bags to be my most "iconic" pieces that I could see myself loving and using throughout all stages of my life.

    Here are some photos :smile:


  7. sounds to me like you have the black bag covered. my suggestion would to be to add some color, and nobody does color like Balenciaga. you could get green, red, or many other colorful choices. If you're not into bright colors, balenciaga has some amazing "neutral" colors.

    I have a fantastic cement grey one, and a yummy chocolate colored one. The thing about bal bags is that they are extremely functional. they can be casual (on the shoulder, tassles flying), or a bit more dressy, (tassles tucked in, hand held). Whatever you choose, isn't the hunt fun? Good luck!;)
  8. I would suggest a LV Speedy or a Tod's D-bag.
  9. i'm loving the balenciaga bag suggestions. choices of colours as well!

    thanks everyone... i think i'll just have to go to Barneys and check them out!
  10. My first thought was Balenciaga City in brown. Or you can also check out their reds and blues.