Looking to make my first MBMJ purchase!! Advice? Opinions please!

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  1. I am planning to get a MBMJ classic q natasha in either black or olive. For those who have it, what are your opinions?

    And what should I be aware of? IDK! haha. just any advice. its my first designer purchase so yeah. thanks everyone!
  2. black is always default classic chic...but im really loving the olive color and he doesn't do that every season...so depending on whether you already have a black basic bag or not, i'd base my decision off that
  3. #3 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    what is the olive color? newsprint?

    black is always classic in my book. and it goes with everything! but since it's the natasha, I'd go with a color. newsprint is cool.
  4. congrats on your first purchaseee! you are going to love the mbmj. olive sounds exciting =)
  5. welcome to mj! :flowers:

    i am always a supporter of black bags! :yes:
  6. I really like the newsprint, personally! But you also can't go wrong with the black. If you already own a black bag, I'd say go for the newsprint. :yes:
  7. I am another supporter of a black bag. It's classic, no-fail color.
  8. Newsprint is such a special color. I have no need for any more bags but I still want something in the newsprint classic pebbled leather because it is so lovely!
  9. i'd go for newsprint. it's just as versatile a color, and you can get black anytime.
  10. Newsprint - it is close enough to black, but it is like a little twist on the traditional. Plus they may not bring the newsprint back later on, where you can always get black.
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