---Looking To Get My First Chanel Bag....need Help From Chanel Experts----------

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  1. Hey everyone - :smile:

    I am looking to get my first Chanel bag. As of now my favorites were Balanciaga (City and workbag styles) and Fendi Large Boughese Bag. I like classy medium/large size bags which I can use every day. Any advice / suggestions? Are there any links / websites, which show different styles of Chanel? Thanks! :idea:
  2. our Reference Library is way better than any website we could refer you to, including chanel.com.
    Here's a few to check out in there:
    GST - Grand Shopping Tote
    Coco Cabas
  3. I love Chanel's totes - so many varieties and styles- or a jumbo classic which is a timeless bag. Happy shopping! Getting your first Chanel is an incredible experience!!
  4. Thanks! Will check out ref library :smile:
  5. I agree - bag shopping is an incredible experience :smile: Thanks!
  6. I like large everyday bags as well. I got the Diamond Stitch Tote. I love it. Totally durable for everyday and beautiful. Sorry, no pics yet...I'll post them soon.
  7. it's good time to make a purchase!

    Some bags are on sale
  8. hey - do you where the sales are ? I am in NYC....thanks!
  9. check out our Chanel Shopping Forum, LOADS of great info there!:yes: