Looking to get a watch

  1. my 21st bday is approaching and i really want a classic watch that i can wear casually and dress up. i was considering a chanel black j12 with diamond markers or a cartier roadster or even a chopar dancing diamonds but i dont even know how much a chopar will run me..anyone have any suggestions? Price range $3-4000...anyone a fan or michelle watches?
  2. Of the ones you mentioned, the Cartier Roadster gets my vote. A Tank would be another timeless (no pun intended) and classic piece.
  3. Cartier tank is a fabulous choice! I adore mine.
  4. how about a rolex?
  5. a chanel j12 will be sporty. i'd get a classic tank-style watch like cartier's, you can wear day to evening. even without the bling.

    and it's in that price range too.
  6. I have a rolex white gold. I love it.
  7. The Cartier Tank Francaise is a stunning-looking watch. Very elegant and feminine at the same time. To some it's not just a watch but doubles as a nice piece of jewelry too. It would make a fab choice, and easier to maintain as it has Quartz movement cf Rolexes. A Rolex is a little less feminine, IMO, but I have one and I love it! It feels more solid than the Cartier Tank. It also keeps excellent time, and to me it's a classic that I will still be able to wear when I'm 70.

    I think ultimately it comes down to personal preference, which one you like the look of the most. But try them all on first at the store(s) because how something looks online or in mags is very different once you see it IRL and on your wrist, as well as appreciating the feel of the particular watch.

    Good luck in your decision and keep us posted!
  8. I'm also looking for a watch for my 21st!
    I really love the J12...can only afford the one with markers but have seen so many knockoffs recently...not sure if its worth it.
  9. I collect vintage watches. My advice is to stick with the Cartier or Rolex, or perhaps Tiffany. They will hold their value because they are not trendy watches. The J12 is lovely, but it isn't a classic and will go out of style. Most watch collectors consider timepieces by designers as jewelry, not watches. For example, Gucci watches don't hold their value. Chopards are good timepieces, but stick to their classic styles and not the trendy versions. If you are looking for a good quality watch, go with a Rolex. If you want a "jewelry" watch that will hold its value because of its name, go with the Cartier.
  10. I want to sell my Chopard watch. It is square with 7 floating diamond. Stainless steel. Its gorgeous. I have it for 3 years already and I love it but I want something new. If you are looking for a very carefully used wath email me. I think my watch retails for about 7,000 but I would sell it for 4,000.
  11. I'm a big Cartier fan and I like the Pasha and Roadster
  12. I love the pink pasha. There's a tag i like that maria sharapova did an ad for. I like the omega consetellation, but i'm not sure about how well the later too hold their value. JW, what's your price range?
  13. I like the pink pasha too, but i can't see it as a very dressed up watch..
  14. i think im getting a chopard happy sport 2 the new one that looks alot like the cartier pasha..anyone have this watch or seen it? comments?