Looking to get a messenger style bag and need input! Please.

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  1. So I am on the market for a new LV and want a medium sized bag to be worn messenger style for my frequent trips to Disneyland and those days I don't want to carry a bigger bag. Just want to carry something light and functional and of course stylish! So I am looking at the Pochette Bosphore and the Messenger Bosphore PM. I have seen a few people with the pochette and it is very cute and not too small but I am really liking the look of the Bosphore PM. I'm wondering if the PM is still a bit on the lighter side but roomier than the pochette. Does anyone have either bag? Would love the input.

    Thanks all!
  2. I have the pouchette and the bosphore GM. The pouchette holds a good amount and I take this traveling, Disneyworld, etc. It has been to 10 countries. The Bosphore Gm I take shopping bags Shoulder bags can wear me out!! I had the melville but had problems and they returned it but the melville reporter is my favorite vuitton.