Looking to get 2nd Chanel bag........???

  1. I'm looking to get a 2nd Chanel bag. My first one is from the early 90's, small and elegant.

    I would like to get something a bit bigger. I'm wanting to purchase one for around $1800 or less. What style could I get???

    I would appreciate any suggestions that any of the tpfer's would have.

  2. Anybody.....................any suggestions. Please help!!!
  3. $1800 for a tote...hmm your best bet would be to get a cambon tote. If you want to spend a litttttle more a GST or Cerf is a perfect choice.
  4. I would spring for the extra couple hundred and do a med/large classic flap before the price increase, Saks is having an electronic gift card event on Thursday, if you are in the US you could order over the phone, have it delivered and possibly avoid tax, and if you spend up to $2000 you get $150 gift card, over $2,000 I think it's a $300 card so it helps make up for spending a little more than you wanted up front. The large flap in caviar leather is $1995. Let me know if you need a good Saks SA contact!
  5. I guess I didn't see that you wanted something a bit bigger, but not sure how small your other one is.......I would look into the PST and GST's too, the reference thread can help.
  6. Are you looking for a tote? flap bag? Some options for a tote might be the (pst tote) petite shopping tote, paris biarritz tote and diamond stitch tote. I believe all those are less than $1800. I know the small e/w flap bag is $1350 and I am not sure the price of the medium. Just a few ideas. Also look in the referrence library. There are alot of pics of different chanel bags.
  7. I would suggest a GST or medium classic flap. Those are classics and their prices gonna increase in Nov. So I will get them now if possible... who wish to pay additional 300-400 more??