Looking to downsize collection

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  1. My collection of LV bags have gotten out of control. While others would be happy, as I was for a very long time, I am now just getting anxious. Don't have much time to rotate bags often and I feel so many are just sitting in the closet. Mostly cuz I have a baby and find myself just carrying a diaper bag most of the time. Even when I will get a chance to carry my own bag, I still feel like I have too many. I should also mention that I don't feel comfortable carrying a luxury bag to work (got too many comments from co workers in the past that rubbed me the wrong way) so even when I do go back to work, I will most likely carry my longchamp.
    Current collection :
    All 3 Canvas NF's in MM Size
    2 GM NF's
    Delightful mm
    Favorite mm
    Speedy B 25- DE
    Speedy B 30- mono
    Speedy 30- azur
    Pochette metis

    Which Ones should I sell??
  2. I would usually say sell what is least functional for you. However since you have multiples of some bags you could start by selling duplicate styles. Ex. Sell 2 NF MM and 1 NF GM.
    Then see if you use the two you have left
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  3. Wow, you have 5 neverfull, if I were you I will def sell one or two of the neverfull.
  4. I would personally start with the ones I like the least, then ones I would (realistically) use the least, then duplicate styles... until I get to a collection size I like.
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  5. Sell one GM NF, sell the Delightful, Sell the Favorite, Sell the Speedy Azur and possibly the Pochette Metis if you don't use it.
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  6. My initial thought was to keep them as you may want to use them later. But if you really want to downsize, here are my $.02 worth.

    1) Sell the NF MM in DA - I say this only because I am terrified of color transfer.
    2) Sell the 2 NF GMs - Just because I feel they are duplicates of the MMs.
    3) If your Favorite and Eva are both Mono, sell the Favorite.
    4) Sell the Speedy 30 DA - Because it doesn't have a strap and because of my color transfer fear.

    Good luck deciding! :smile:
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  7. Sell 1 NF MM & 1 NF GM - mix & match patterns as needed among sizes
    Sell the Eva or the Favorite - keep whichever you prefer
    Sell the Speddy Azur 30 (replace with Speedy B30 Azur as needed)
    Keep the Delightful
    Keep the PM for now and see how it goes

    JMTC :angel:
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  8. Sell the azur NF MM (too much maintenance esp with a baby/toddler) first, later you can sell another NF MM if ur still not at purse peace. Sell 1 GM NF (if it’s azur let that one go). Sell the Favorite (when in a rush and hands full u can’t afford to have ur stuff fall out if u drop ur bag because of the magnetic closure) sell speedy 30 azur (handheld only and as a mom u will need ur hands free plus high maintenance).
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  9. I concur with the others; you could easily let go of at least a couple of NFs; perhaps keep 2 MM and one GM in different prints if you really think you’ll want variety. You can always sell another later.

    I think you could go down to one Speedy, the Pochette Metis, the Delightful and either the Favourite or the Eva.

    You’ll still have a mix of totes, crossbody/shoulder bags, and a smaller one as well. You may feel more comfortable with a trimmed down collection or it still may be too many, but I’d take it in steps to avoid sellers remorse.
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  10. Given that you don't wear your bags at work, that's the most I'd keep if I were you. I could even go down by one more Neverfull and Speedy B.

    My background -- a mother of 3 who started buying when I had only 1 child. I wear my bags to work and elsewhere.
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  11. I agree with everyone else sell the Azur NF, it's a cute style but color transfers so easily not worth the upkeep. Whichever Speedy you haven't used the longest, sell that one first. Keep one of the GM NF's because it could technically be your new diaper bag lol. If your canvas bags were made before LV's quality went downhill, you'll be able to break even with potential to gain some profit.
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  12. #12 Jun 14, 2018
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    Many may think Neverfull GM is too large which I do agree it is a very large bag, the reason I suggested to keep one of the NF GM is I had bought it 2 times before and sold them but then there were times I wished would have a GM when I needed to carry something large or fit in more stuff, that's why I finally decided and went bought another GM. For everyday wear, I cinch the sides in a bit that way it looks fine on me, and fits 99% of my needs even slide in my 15" Mac comfortably while still cinched. And I still have 2 Neverfull MM to wear when I don't carry much. That's why I suggest to keep one Neverfull GM, on the other hand, if you are a tall person like 5'8, 5"9 or taller, GM probably looks a lot better on you than MM.

    About Azur print, it looks great on Neverfull and the light color works very well for warm weather clothing, Damier ebene would be too dark, Monogram is a bit up to your face sometimes can't wear it. But I did suggest selling the Speedy Azur because it doesn't age well like Azur Neverfull in my opinion.
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  13. I do not know you nor your lifestyle/taste so hard to tell you exactly what bags to let go of. Definitely not going to tell you to sell duplicates if that is what works for you. What works for me is not going to be the same for you. BUT I would let go of anything you have not reached for in several months.
  14. I totally agree with this. I have duplicates of bags I love and would never part with. On the other hand, I have let go of bags which I thought would work for me at the time, but for various reasons don't.
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  15. I am a neverfull girl all the way lol. That's why I have so many. I use the gm for travel but also on the weekends when we are out with my two kids. It fits everything. I loved the gm so much I got the Damier for the fall/winter and mono for summer.
    I do use my neverfulls a lot more then the rest.
    The speedy azur doesn't get much use, but I think is so pretty and now I think of it the speedy b30 in mono doesn't get much use either. I feel it's too large to carry cross body.

    If anything I'll start by selling those two speedies.

    Thanks for your help !
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