Looking to buy Used/ Discounted Dior Gaucho Bag

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  1. you know this kind of thing isn't allowed here!
  2. I haven't seen you in awhile! unfortunately, this sort of post is not allowed.
  3. Well, it must be allowed in the "Looking to Buy" section, so if the mediator sees this, please move this thread there, and admit me.
  4. Or does anyone have any tips on where I should look? Also, they changed the price on the Gaucho? Are they more expensive now??

  5. i am afraid that with that sort of attitude you are not gonna get far and especially not to Marketplaza. To be admitted there is a privilege not something that Vlad and Megs have to do because you want to.
  6. "Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted."

    personally i dont think that a "great" fake is better than a bad fake ...fake is FAKE and i dont think you shouldnt be teaching your cousin to carry fakes around...
  7. i agree with nat on how it's not really a good idea to be getting a fake for your little cousin. you might want to try diabro.net where the prices are slightly cheaper than retail and the bags there are authentic. alternatively, you can try browsing the "eBay suggestions" thread from time to time, as any good deals on eBay for authentic gauchos would be posted there too. and if you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of a gaucho on ebay (which has not been posted in the suggestions thread), you can always post it up on the authentication thread and i'm sure a PFer would be on hand to help you with it's authenticity.

    and yes, the gaucho did increase in price ever so slightly. i think all luxury brands took a price hike recently and so the price of the gaucho did go up somewhat.

    if all else fails, i'm not sure how old your little cousin is, but if she's still pretty young, it might be good to suggest to her to perhaps wait a little while longer and save up just a wee bit more to buy that gaucho that she longs for. i think it'd be a pretty good idea for kids or teens to learn the value of an item, and saving/waiting for it makes them value it just a bit more. i should know - i waited a good year before i got my gaucho because i'm not earning my own keep yet.

    well i hope that helps some.
  8. It never ceases to amaze me how some (not all) people here can be so easily offended. I see no offense or attitude in the line, "Well, it must be allowed in the "Looking to Buy" section, so if the mediator sees this, please move this thread there, and admit me." I am simply someone who wants to shop, and would like entry into the store. If that is not possible, then O.K. I will take my business elsewhere, and I am very fine with that. If this thread should not be here, then O.K. remove it. It really doesn't matter. As for the idea of buying a real bag for my cousin. I would love to, but I don't have the money to spend on gifts of that caliber for someone who is not in my immediate family such as my mother or boyfriend, and if she waits to afford it, it could take 10 years. She already carries a fake Spy Bag, but she tells everyone it is fake, so she is not putting on any false airs. I would never buy a fake for myself, but to each his own. I asked her if she could think about Coach or a lesser brand, but she is set on the Gaucho. I have to admit I am proud of her good taste.

    Thanks for the advice, anyway. I think however she has about $1000.00 in the world, and so she should not blow it on a bag.
  9. hm,9 days have passed and this thread has not be removed? wow.
  10. Buying/selling Is Not Permitted Here!

  11. actually, it's not. . . there's is not a WTB section{?}
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Not open for further replies.