Looking to buy my first Chanel bag...any suggestions??

  1. Hi,

    I have decided to invest in a Chanel bag :smile: But I don't know which one to get! I don't want to overspend, something reasonable (if that even exists lol) Help please!!
  2. Tell us a little about yourself and what you like in a bag and we can point you in the right direction!! :yes:
  3. Hi,

    umm...I love big bags!!! but I know that the bigger the more expensive. I wanted the black/white cambon bag, the larger one if that makes sense?? I heard they went on sale awhile ago, but I guess I missed out :sad: I am not to sure though what I am looking for...some thing nice because I know chanel styles last forever
  4. I think the black on black large cambon tote is a great choice and you can probably get a very nice used one for a reasonable price on ebay but still will probably need to spend $1000 or so. Still a good deal!
    You can use the cambon everyday--it is a really practical bag but still has the Chanel allure! It looks great on a night on the town as well. Post pix on the auth thread so that we can help you out. The girls are really amazing here and can spot the fakes!
  5. Thanks :smile: I will keep an eye out for one on ebay....<---- that place can be sketchy.. Thanks for your help :smile:
  6. Actually, the black and whites are still avaiable, they didn't go on sale in most stores, they haven't been discontinued as of yet. The pinks and beiges were discontinued and put on sale however.
    There's quite a few chanel's that give you a lot of bag for the money, check out the Outdoor ligne and the Grand Shopping Tote is caviar, you can do a search in here and see pics.
  7. If you find something on Ebay that you like post it in Authenticate This! and someone will tell you if it's real or not. :yes:
  8. Thanks...BTW is the pink Chanel totes still on sale and where? thanks...honestly you guys are really helpful :smile:
  9. 0o0o yeah a Cambon Tote would be a wonderful FIRST chanel piece! :wlae:
  10. ^^They're mostly sold out. . . there was a sale on them a couple of months ago and you'd be very hard pressed to find one in a store at this point. You'll have to resort to eBay.