Looking to buy my first b-bag!

  1. Hi all!

    I'm looking to buy my first b-bag but the world of Balenciaga is HUGE!

    I'd like a big bag for every day use that I can throw on my shoulder. So far I am looking at the City and Part Time. I was wondering what you all would suggest for a great first b-bag!

    Also, do you ladies thing I'd be better off heading to Nieman Marcus, or to Bal NYC?

    I'm so excited! I can't wait to get it!
  2. Hi ambrosia!!!! A lot of people get the city as their first Bbag. I think the part-time is hard to find right now so I don't know how easy it will be to get one? Someone here may have the info for you.

    Also, if you are wanting a shoulder bag you may want to consider the day/hobo style which is also very nice. any of these styles are beautiful! What color are you thinking about?
  3. My first was the work...definitely for BIG BAG lovers only...i wear it on my shoulder or on my elbow :smile:
  4. I say go for a city. It's really as basic as you can get with Balenciaga.
  5. City!!!
  6. my first was a mini twiggy and purse :P
    i'd say go for the city or work
  7. I think the city is a very versatile size for a first bbag!
  8. Get a City... it's a must have bag for any B-bag fan!
  9. i find work is the perfect size for me!!!
  10. Yay on your first bbag. I would go w/ a city. You can carry it or wear it on your shoulder and it can hold tons or a little and still look good but it gives you options.
  11. I love the City and have it in black and it's me fave bag. I wear it on my arm / carry it. I WISH I could wear it over my shoulder! I have phat swimmers shoulders!
  12. Sounds like a plan! I'll probably end up getting a city...but I'm going to take a look at the work too since every bag I get ends up being bigger and bigger :love:

    As for the color...I'm thinking of black...but I'll have to take a look at all of them in person. Thanks so much for all of your input everyone!
  13. Black City.....my all time fave! Good luck and have fun finding YOUR bag!
  14. I think the City is the way to go!:yes:
  15. I have a black work and have MORE than gotten my money's worth...i mostly use it daily for work (duh) but have also used it as an overnight bag! great to take on planes too!!!