Looking to Buy my 1st Tano Bag : )

  1. I know I souldn't even be looking at new purses, but we all know how that goes! That's why we all are here! lol Anywhoo, I'm thinking about getting a Tano bag. I have looked around on what styles they have and I have concluded that I'm really digging the Sex Bomb in Tango Red. They only have the brown color on that Musthavebags site. Are there any other sites that sell Tano bags and if so, are there any codes?

    If anyone has this bag, please tell me your opinions : ) TIA

  2. thatsourbag.com also sells Tano bags!
  3. Tano made the sex bomb especially for us (MHB) this season- they didn't even have it in their Fall line up. We ordered 50 in assorted colors and only have 2 brown left right now. I believe that Tano did order a few extras for their stock, though- so its possible that at least one other store somewhere has it, but it may be hard to find now, at the bitter end of the season. Try emailing brendan@tanobag.com for help. Tano is closed until Wed., though so dont expect an immediate response. Good luck! -Alexandra
  4. Please let us know which bag you decide to get and post LOTS of pics!!
  5. try adoniabags.com If you use holiday2007 you get 25% off. I know they had the sex bomb, I'm just not sure what colors they have left. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. yep! adoniabags has the sexbomb in tango red and the coupon works! total is $160.47 - what a sweet deal!

    Thanks for posting this - I was looking for a Tano too.
  7. Adoniabags is where I bought my Miss Print. They have great customer service, bag was carefully packaged, etc. but they did not send a dust bag w/ my purchase. When I emailed and asked about it I was told that the Tano bags don't come w/ a dustbag. This is not true. I'm sure a lot of people may not think it's a big deal but I like my bags to not have to 'share' dust bags. My blue Boogie Bucket and the Miss Print are sharing the Tano dust bag Alex (musthavebag) sent w/ the Boogie Bucket right now as I'm carrying one of my Coach bags this weekend.

    This is not a 'slam' against Adoniabags.....just an FYI.
  8. Had to run out to get some last minute X-Mas gifts for the family. Thanks to all that responded! I'll sure look into it. I will keep you updated : )
  9. i never really was interested in Tanos until i saw the Love Boat...:love: but I just got a Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr so I guess I'll have to wait til my bday to see if I want a Love Boat haha....good luck with getting what you want! the Sex bomb is cute too.
  10. Is the Tango Red a true red color? I was looking for a red that didn't have any orange in it and was hoping this color didn't have that since I already have a RM Tomato MAM (orangy red)...
  11. Missy, Im keeping it a closely guarded secret because there is an online website who sells them and has like 2 left in Tango Red, but if you PM me, I will tell you. Because (*In a somber voice*) you are my long-lost purse twin.


    Seriously though, you and I like so many of the same bags in the same colors, its almost unreal!

    PM me if you still are looking for the tango red, and I will be happy to give you the website!
  12. Yay!!! I went ahead and bought the Tango Red Sex Bomb from Adonia bags!! I did request a dustbag, but they emailed me saying that it doesn't come with one : ( Oh well, I think I have an LV dustbag I can use for it.

    I used the HOLIDAY2007 code and it was $162. Thanks so much for the code!! Saved me from getting it off the bay for retail value. I'll post pics when it arrives : )
  13. Good deal on the sex bomb! I want one in black one day. I don't think any tano bags come with dust bags. It would be nice though
  14. Glad you fouond what you wanted, missypoo! Enjoy it!

    Tano only provides dust sacs to my store, Bergdorf's and I think Anthropologie (not 100% sure about Anthropologie, though.) If you buy a Tano bag anywhere else, it will not come with a dust sac.
  15. YAY for Missy!:party::party::party:

    Let me know when you get it! I would love to hear about it!