Looking to buy my 1st LV! I think I need some Help!!!

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  1. Okay, I really want to purchase my 1st LV in the next month or so. I am not sure what I should get. I can't get too crazy with price because my hubby will just "die" My sister purchased the Alma back in 05 from Saks, I like that bag but I really don't want to "copy" for my 1st bag. My questions are should I go to Saks or eBay?I am young professional (business casual workplace) and want something I can carry to work/weekends. I am a newbie to the LV purse thing so what is a good purse for a beginner?
  2. I would NOT get it off eBay, so many people have had trouble with fakes. I totally recommend the mono speedy 30. I use mine for work, weekends, everything! It is THE perfect bag.
  3. Saks!!! Why buy off eBay and risk getting a fake??

    I agree about the Speedy 30...VERY reasonable price.
  4. I completely agree with speedy 30, that was my first purchase! It is a classic bag that holds a lot and looks professional.
  5. No question.. head to Saks! LV is one of the most knocked off brands there is- I wouldn't risk Ebay, especially for a 1st purchase.
  6. Yeah, ebay is confusing...
  7. I agree with all the previous posts!! Speedy 30 and definitely buy at Saks!
  8. Get the speedy 30 from saks.
  9. stay out of trouble:tdown:...get it from saks, LV store or eluxury. I totally agree with the speedy line, maybe you can try azur or damier to be different.

    Goodluck on your purchase!:yahoo:
  10. damier saleya
  11. hi and welcome!
    if I were you, I would make your first purchase from SAKs or a LV boutique near you. If you choose to shop with EBAY, make sure that you paste some links to the item you are interested in in tPF "Authenticate This" thread so that other, more knowledgeable, tPF members can help you determine its authenticity.
    that said---I would have you select either the Speedy 25 or 30 (the latter is the larger of the two) or...since I was just reading a thread about a really nice Ellipse handbag...one of those. both are handheld bags however, so you'll need to determine if you are the kind of woman that is fine with NOT having both hands completely free. GOOD LUCK!
  12. Welcome!! Go for a speedy 30 at Sak's. There's nothing like making your first purchase from the boutique.
  13. I would go with the speedy 30 in monogram canvas. I would also buy from Saks, Neiman Marcus, or an LV boutique.
  14. Damier speedy! Very pretty and low maintenance. No need to worry about stains when used as an everyday bag. it hold a lot too!
  15. :happydance:buy it form saks there is nothing like buying your first from the store
    oh! get the speedy