Looking to buy first Vernis... what piece should it be? *long*

  1. I realize I NEED something the Vernis line... after I saw someone with the porte-tresor international wallet in pomme d'amour... I desperately want something in vernis. At first I was concerned about the durability and color transfer, but the lady said she's had the wallet for over a year and it's still as good as new.

    I wanted a Lexington at first... but then I read some threads here where the owners said it's way too small...

    What should be my first small vernis piece? A wallet, a cles, a what?

    What lines of color are going to be discontinued in the future, or have already been?

    Advice much! appreciated!

    Thanks :heart:
  2. All Vernis colors are eventually discontinued.
    And what do you think you *need* the most? I would personally go for the Porte Tresor or Pochette wallet or the Cles. Those are the most useful IMO.
  3. Pomme hasen't been out for a year yet, so I don't know how that lady could be telling the truth.

    However, vernis doesen't hold up as badly as you might think from all of the worrying posts etc.

    If you worry about colour transfer etc amarante would be the best colour to get atm. It's also a very hot layered colour dark cherry that appears almost black sometimes.

    If you just want a little something, I'd go for the Sunset Boulevard.It can be used like a wallet in big bags if you detatch the strap, or as a purse on its own. It has CC card slots and is quite spacious, you could definetly fit as much as you could in a pochette accessoires.
  4. Thanks lvbabydoll!

    I'm thinking either a porte tresor wallet or a ludlow wallet and cles....

    what's the deal with the color transfer on the vernis?

  5. The lady said she got it from the LV in London. I know the color came out in February, but not sure whether it was this year or last year. Anyway she said it's help up pretty well...

    Would you recommend the Sunset Boulevard over the Porte Tresor Intl then?
  6. Hi Babydoll Chanel, I'm in a similar boat to you...I don't have anything from the Vernis range so I'm considering the Sunset Boulevard in Amarante too. I personally like it because there's no vachetta to worry about. I also love the idea that I can use it as a wallet if I ever need to.
  7. What do you need? a wallet or a bag? For the wallet, go for the Porte tresor because it's really easy to get in and out. FOr a bag, go for the summit, reade or bedford. It really depends on your needs.
  8. I own the Ludlow and I really love it!!!!! It's cute and practical! And for the first bag I would go for the Reade PM!
  9. in terms of color transfer on the vernis, lighter colors would be more susceptible to getting color transfer...I'm afraid of perle, b/c of the color transfer and possibility of yellowing :sad: so I recommend something in POMME! the red is so hot! Amarante is nice, but a lot of members have mentioned how much it shows fingerprints, which would be bad for a wallet or something you handle alot.

    As for ending of colors, I think noisette is supposed to end in December.
  10. Oooh thanks for all the replies!

    I'm considering a smaller piece - I'm still in college and want something I can use everyday, so I'm thinking 2 pieces - the porte tresor and the ludlow. Would the ludlow be ok to use as an everyday wallet? Is it durable, would it be ok getting used a lot?
  11. The Ludlow goes as an everyday wallet, if you don't have to much credit cards! For me it's ok - but I personally don't like big wallets! I have a little credit card holder, so the Ludlow is perfect for me! I have the Noisette, and I love this colour. You have to look at this colour, it's really beautiful and goes with every colour of bag and also with Mono and Damier. Good luck!:smile:
  12. My first piece of vernis was the pomme cles. I hang it off my azur speedy and get tons of compliments. I haven't gotten any scratches on it and it still looks great after getting banged around on the speedy. I think you should start small and see if the vernis will be a big maintenance issue with you. I think all the colors are gorgeous, so anything you pick will be great!
  13. I agree with the Sunset boulevard which can use as a wallet (strap can detach), cluch (day and night out) and a bag.

    I have it in perle(white) and love it a lot
  14. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the vernis line. And yet I only have a cles in some pearl colour which I use in an LV Satin evening bag.

    It is a beautiful line - I think that Houston is nice if I referencing it correctly.

    Also, everytime I see a post from *cupcake girl* with those cupcakes - I want cupcakes.
    Did you ever get get any cupcakes from Crumbs in nyc? not sure here you live.
    But you could go to LV 5th ave, then cupcake shop on upper east side.
  15. I never had really thought about the Vernis line, but when I saw the Amarante the other day on tpf ... I fell in love! I think the colour is absolutely beautitful. I know it's supposed to show fingerprints, but I don't care ... I just love it! I just called my local LV at Holt Renfrew and they are just starting to get some of the pieces with that colour in ... so I put myself down on a wait list for the Zippy wallet.

    Let us know what you decide! I think all the pieces are beautiful.