Looking to buy a red leather bag any ideas?

  1. I want a big bag in red leather and would like to pay less than 300. Any ideas or thoughts? I haven't seen too many out there! There's one that I really like by Tod's but its too expensive! Thanks! :girlsigh:
  2. do you have a certain size in mind ?
  3. I love Mulberry's Mabel in red!
  4. No Selling
  5. ^^ we are not allowed to sell on this board!
  6. Who is selling? I asked for ideas on what to buy!!!
  7. How about a Tano? Lots of choices and sizes to choose from, and they're not too expensive.
  8. I have a beautiful red pebbled leather bag by Fossil. It's the Fossil Cortland Satchel--has a large zipper top which holds my small laptop with inside pockets and two side pockets (inside the main interior) for other stuff. Fits a ton and I always get compliments on it!

    This picture makes it look more structured than it is. I love it. It's about $220.00.
  9. Tano all the way....well within your price range and GORGEOUS bags to choose from. Plus, if you have questions, Alexandra will reply quickly and she's super helpful.
  10. I have to reiterate the Tano idea. They are good sized, good quality bags and their reds are gorgeous!
  11. i just saw a beautiful one on the rafe.com website, i just got a gorgeous one from cole haan (not a true red...more like burgundy)...coach always has some nice ones in red...marc by marc jacobs? hope that helps!
  12. I like the Tano red corvette bag.

    If you want a darker red, the blood red colors from Tano seem like a good color. I never saw it IRL but online it looks really cool.
  13. Speaking of the blood red Tano bags, does anyone have one in this color? Is it more like a red-orange color than a red color? I saw it online and that is what it looks like but I was just curious if anyone had this. Thanks!
  14. Hey thanks so much for recommending Tano! I am not too familiar with this brand and was breaking my head trying to figure out who made a bag I saw!! Thanks again!

    I like the Tano X roads (boogie bucket) in the mango orange but I feel like it looks a lot like the carly by coach! What do you think?