Looking to become a first time buyer....Opinions?

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  1. I was never seriously into Chloe when I first saw some of the bags, I have always been a Gucci, Lv, Chanel girl... the standbys. Until I held the paddington at NM... OHHHHH MYYY GOD! Now It's all I can think about! I am really looking for an every day bag in the soft leather that is spacious and cooshey, it seems a perfect fit .. tho' the onnly one thay have is in blue and i do prefer the burgandy. What do you ladies think from personal experiance .. how well do they hold up for everyday use ? What do you think the staying power of the style is ? Will it reallly become outdated , as it seems classic.
    BTW isn't the unspoken rule "if you have a dream about it that night ... you have to buy it ." ? :P
    - any opinions welcome
  2. Chloe bags have yummy leather thats so soft and heavenly.. it can be a little heavy though. I'm no expert though. the other ladies will be able to tell you more.
  3. I love these bags. I have 5 Paddies and I know there are many others who have more than one! They are a fun and casual bag with beautiful pebbled soft leather. The Paddington is a bag that actually got a thumbs up from my DH (which is saying alot). I am not worried about what might be in or not in later years because the satchel is a really good looking and classic shaped bag. The gusseting on the sides is timeless and that is what you see most when wearing it on your shoulder. Good luck deciding!
  4. I was "The" Balenciaga collector. Then I held my first Paddy... I have 2 now - since January. They are the best bag. I think it will become a classic.
  5. The light blue? Gorgeous with jeans. Don't know if burgundy/grenat will be coming around again this fall. If you were that wowed you should probably get one, but if you're worried about staying power perhaps go with a neutral color instead of the newer fashion colors? I worry that the padlock will become passe', but that's always removable. Otherwise it's the most comfortable bag I own and can't imagine it ever wearing out.
  6. Celesus, your signature about cat hair is hilarious! And sadly I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    About the Paddy, the regular satchel style didn't work on me, so I went with the pocket which is a bit larger than the satchel and less triangular. I think it's a bag you can carry forever. Don't worry about trends and "in" and "out"...just get what you love!
  7. Hehe... Glad there are people that ID w/ the cat hair ... I wish my fiance did :shame: .

    I apreciate the opinions it really is a real help in the deciding factor.

  8. OMG I am in love with your Choco... that is steallar:love:
  9. Oh god I had such a colour issue when it came to purchasing my Paddy. And I was the same, not really a Chloe girl til I came across the coveted Paddington bag. Mmmm, no regrets about buying it I'll tell ya now!

    The burgundy is lovely but I definitely adore the jeans clair. I personally went for the Taupe because it's a colour that's more likely to age. I'm tempted to buy the mini in the blue or grenat!