Looking the part?

  1. +1
  2. Oh man, in the LA area if you go into the wrong zip code you see all kinds of stuff :biggrin:
  3. i like walmart :yes:
  4. Lmao! You know what's so funny? I actually prefer to get dressed up when I go to Walmart and the DH asks me "You look nice and you're taking your beloved LV, hmm where are you going?" WALMART.
  5. You ladies are too funny. Google a website called "people of walmart" and you'll see what I mean...
  6. I think the attitude that I have to dress up to do a brand "justice" is ridiculous.

    By ridiculous, I mean bourgeois and pretentious.
  7. :tup: It is!
  8. I personally like Target..... :woot: sorry had a chime in...hehehe
  9. I agree. I paid $$$ for my bag and I'm gonna wear it with whatever I please. I've seen women thrown together carrying LV and I never judge b/c I could really care less why.
  10. i do too!!! but right now target is not yet in canada!!!! hopefully soon!!!!
  11. Really? No Target in Canada? At all? I can't imagine. There's a Target pretty much a couple blocks away from each other in my neighborhood.
  12. i know it sucks!!! there was talk about them coming to canada in 2013... but who knows if that will happen for real or not!!
  13. Totally Agree!:biggrin:

    Same thing with me:biggrin:

    Seen this site before...:weird: outfits
  14. I don't think it matters what you wear. I wear my bags with anything, jeans, shorts, dresses, heels or sandals -it doesn't matter as long as you're put together and it doesn't look like you just rolled out of bed. Some wear it with ripped jeans, tank top and sandals, I wouldn't but if you like it, there's nothing wrong with that.
  15. Lol, second that