Looking Looking Looking For This Bag

  1. If I'm not mistaken, this was a F/W bag for 2006. A limited edition brown hobo with embossed flowers (lookede like cabbage roses or something to me).

    I was stupid enough to let the one on sale get away.

    I'm desperately looking for one. I can't even find a picture of it to post as a guide.

    I thought of the outlet stores in Italy and New York but I won't be in the East Coast till Fall and DefinitelY won't be anywhere near Italy anytime soon.


    Any help out there?
  2. Is this it....(eBay pic)

  3. Yes... I think... Somehow I remember roses... but it might be for that other limited editon bag with the floral appliques...

    How'd you find it?

    Wow... speedy reply! Thanks!
  4. There was one listed a little while ago on eBay. But this was not a Fall 2006 bag....probably 2005 or so. Are you sure it was a hobo? As far as I can recall these were the only embossed hobos.
  5. I think this Cordovan Veneta is still in production. You can send the picture to the personal shopper at BV.com and see if you can find which store has it, if this is the one that you're talking about.
  6. Didn't someone mention seeing these at a bv outlet recently???
  7. Yup, this exact bag in light taupe/dull beige color was at the BV outlet in Woodbury Commons outlet in upstate NY. I'm not sure if it's still there. When I went, it was a bit over 2 weeks ago. It was beautiful!
  8. Okay people on here are going to think I am certifiably crazy . . . I "owned" this bag as well (as well as the other hobo) and returned it. It was in the stores before the other hobo in the other thread with the perforations. I still have the original receipt in my file :rolleyes: The large size was $1980 and I bought it 3/2006 so I am sure this is a fall 2005 bag.

    I ended up returning both hobos (I never bought any returned any others - really) after I bought the mustardy yellow LV onata fleurs (my first hobo) and realized I really liked more constructed bags much better. (My BVs that I do own, and are more constructed styles)

    I love this bag though. I had bought it in black and I remember seeing it in the more tan color. I love the look of hobos . . . but I am settling for omy one (LV) . . .The brown color above that was on eBay is gorgeous.
  9. That's a really unique bag. Why does the website show just a fraction of their styles? If it's still in production it should be on there. Anyway, I know there are way more styles than the catalogs or website show. I'm greedy--I want to see them ALL lol.:graucho:
  10. I don't think its in production anymore. They only repeat the classics...and then every season there is a slight twist to the hobos. I doubt they would be in production if they are available in the outlet.
  11. Yes, that is not currently in production. It was past season's.
  12. I was told by BV in BH that they were all sold out. I mean they might have inventory in another country but they were sold out in the US. I know Saks and NM who had it sold out . . . the outlets said that they just had two (I think) and those sold . . . maybe one will again be listed on Ebay - I doubt anyone would ever have a "fake" of this bag . . . My SA at Saks reminds me I should held onto that one being the impression was so unique when we talk about BV . . .
  13. Have never seen that bag before, but it's GORGEOUS!

    Was flipping through the Fall/Winter catalogue, and I don't see it in there either. Bummer about all the bags that we don't get to see cos they aren't featured in the catalogues and website :hrmm:
  14. There are fakes made of that style. Just check ioffer.