looking like a rouille christmas!

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  1. So when i got home from the coach outlet today, my package from aloha rag was waiting for me at the office! We just ordered it Sunday, talk about speedy. I have never seen the rouille in person, but loved it from pics on here. Its so gorgeous! Seriously, I am so excited about it!!! It has more veins than my blueberry, but it seriously adds to the character. Too bad the pics cant really capture its beauty.

    Its now put away till christmas but i snapped a few quick shots!

  2. Just gorgeous! Rouille is one of my favorite Bal colors.
  3. beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous. How did I miss that color? Is it a box or twiggy? Veins or not, that is a gorgeous bag. Apple conditioner will greatly improve the whiteness of the veins. Regardless it is gorgeous and Aloha Rags is a great place to order from.
    Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL :yahoo: bbag.
  5. Beautiful bag!!! I really like it!!
  6. :nuts: YEAH Rouille Box sista!! :yahoo:

    Congrats - she's a gorgeous one!! :drool: AR did a great job (and hubby/Santa did too!! ;) ) You are gonna :heart: the color and shape!!:wlae:
  7. its a box, and i love it, probably will order some AG, as this baby is going to get ALOT of use!!!!!!!!!!
  8. CONGRATS! It's BEAUTIFUL!!:yahoo:
  9. :heart: Wow it's beautiful! love it!
  10. oooooooooooooooh, that's lovely! love it! congrats on a very rare and droolworthy bag!
  11. Oh MsF, you've been bitten by the bug!!

    I was just checking in here to make myself crazy by looking at Boxes :love: , and imagine my surprise when I saw you posting about this new one so soon after you got that blueberry one!! Hahah!

    Congrats on your two gorgeous bags!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Have a rouille Xmas girl!
  13. Now all you need is another box in a green hue and then you'll REALLY be set for Christmas! :roflmfao:

    Congrats on the lovely bag!
  14. oooh it looks amazing! congrats!
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