looking inward

  1. Do you ever feel guilty about buying hermes? The bags are undeniably expensive and I think we all have experienced what an obsession it can become. Do your friends or husbands ever get annoyed with your shallow obsessing? Do you ever have buyers remorse? discuss:
  2. No....but then I only shallowly obsess with my tPF pals! I don't fell the least bit guilty about buying anything (Hermes of not) or returning anything if am not completely satisfied.
  3. favorhermes, I don't have a husband, and that wouldn't matter because I'm saving for my first (and hopefully not last) H bag with my own money. ;) Because I'm reading all about leathers and colors, I won't be having any buyers remorse. That's why it's important to not settle-for. Buy your dream bag. :smile:
  4. No remorse for me.....I've purchase every piece with my own money and all after I've taken care of everyone else first. Life is short and time flies.....I've been a nuturing and compassionate mother (and that never stops), a caring and loving SO, a dutiful daughter. Time for me now.....no regrets or remorse.
  5. Yes, if I really think about it, what I pay for H bags gives me pause.....but like the ladies above, it's something I do for me only, I've paid a few dues in life that were hard, and if a couple of expensive bags makes me feel better, so be it. For God's sake, I had to give up tanning, smoking, carousing and everything else...leave me the Hermes.
  6. Yes, which is precisely why I haven't purchased one as yet. Then again, I am the world's worst saver. If I just could just cut & use coupons, cut back my starbucks, makeup shopping (another "hobby"), and other small costs that add up, I would probably be able to have the cash for a bag in a year or less. It's also hard when I think of how much therapy an H bag would give my son with autism. Still, I dream of my own Kelly someday...


  7. Actually, I don't flaunt my handbags to my friends IRL. I go about carrying them under the radar. I don't shallow obsess with my friends IRL about my handbags either and lastly I don't have buyers remorse. So I guess that sums it all up to no I don't feel guilty at all because I have earned it so my DH says!!:heart:
  8. Well none of my friends know my new bag is H.... and my SO thinks I'm crazy.... and he hates tPF... sometimes I feel like I don't really deserve to carry H, but it's just such an amazing brand :love:
  9. The bags are expensive but I don't feel guilty making a bag purchase because of their longevity. With reasonable care they last decades. I do feel some guilt with a couple of the bags I purchased when I was younger and I didn't treat them as well as I do now (what spa?, scratched hardware, corners really rubbed).
    My husband got annoyed when I asked him to take off his wedding band and rub the box kelly:rolleyes: because he has more oil on his skin and I'm trying to hasten the patina.

  10. which H bag do you have? I like how many of their bags are unrecognizable.
  11. I don't feel guilty about saving for and buying anything from Hermes but I do feel very lucky that I can occasionally buy something for myself or my mother or sisters. I feel lucky because, like haute couture (which I can't afford) there are so few things that are handmade with the kind of craftsmanship that Hermes has. I really feel quilty about all the stuff that I have bought that ends up in my garage or in the trash after one or two uses or times in the washing machine that I really didn't need or want anyway. Hermes has actually helped me cut down on all that kind of shopping. :flowers:
  12. a year ago i would have said no but this year i bought more than a few exotics and i am starting to feel not guilt for buying what i love but a little bit of guilt for shelling out so much cash. there's no question in my mind that i deserve every one of them...but there are other things i could have spent the $ on or put it into investments. i know it's its own investment in a way and that i get lots of use out of them, i use them every day literally sometimes two or three in a day, but still, the total when added up is staggering. in the same breath if i had to give up more than one or two of them i'd probably turn into the wicked witch of the east LOL. luckily nobody feeds into my guilt. i do it all on my own. stay tuned...no action planned so far except this coming year will likely be less extravagant. no stockpiling.
  13. favorhermes, it's a Herbag :love: I just feel so lucky to have an H bag at my age. It makes me really thankful for a lot of things.
  14. I feel guilty every time I look at my bag. Thinking about people who can't feed their families, or sick people who can't afford healthcare, I wonder what gives me the right to own such an expensive bag. Many of my girlfriends who come from wealthy families or make more $$$ than I do, don't yet own a birkin.

    Yet, I feel eerily happy when I stroll the premier department stores and boutiques, or just having lunch around town. I like how they're instantly recognizable at all the upscale places, and remain anonymous rest of the places.

  15. Congratulations on your first bag! Enjoy "her" :smile: