Looking into buying some Chanel costume jewelry...any tips?

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  1. Looking to buy some Chanel costume jewelry pieces, earrings, pearl necklaces specifically...

    What are your thoughts about the quality, pricing, styles, etc.?
  2. Buy it direct from store and look it over REALLY well. Quality on their costume jewelry isn't consistent. JMO :smile:
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  3. I would not be afraid to buy a unique piece from a recommended site but I am hesitant to buy anything with small stones. The quality of the jewelry doesn't seem to be that great and many people complain about the earrings and losing small stones. If you don't buy directly from the boutique you may not be able to get it serviced.

    It seems much harder to me to authenticate jewelry, so if you buy online etc, I'd be very careful.
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  4. +1 - to be honest, I would not buy online. Authenticity is already an issue with bags; can't imagine how much harder it would be to authenticate jewelry.
    I had an issue with one of the pearls falling off my earrings (before I even wore them!) but Chanel fixed it for me at no cost and the problem hasn't recurred since. I haven't had an issue with any of my other earrings, but I think I've been lucky as some people have had to get their gems re-glued several times.
  5. That is why I only suggest buying a unique item that should be easier to authenticate or from a recommended reseller.
  6. buy from stores as Swanky said and lots of times the stones are already missing in the store. Actually happened to me today.
  7. I bought several earrings from the boutiques itself and so far.. so good.
    Except that the hallmark at the back do fall out easily for the smaller sized earrings.
    Both sides came off from my small Dubai crescent.

    I'm curious on the long pearl necklaces too.. I've been eyeing for the perfect one.. but only concern on its maintenance.
    I've got a short pearl necklace, but coz it doesn't sway around my shirt, hence, so far so good.
  8. I've said this before, but I think the expensive long stand necklaces and gorgeous cuffs etc, are made in a different factory than some of the other less expensive things.

    The really expensive necklaces, IMO, are made exquisitely and supposedly by Desrues.
  9. Thanks for sharing the info Jayne1 , this , I never knew.

    I was looking at Mikimoto and seriously, I think I will be happier settling for the CC faux pearl necklaces.. Mikimoto is way to costly and yeah, theirs are genuine pearls, but I simply cant justify the price as I dun really know how to appreciate pearls =P

    One more thing, when Chanel increase their prices, do their costume jewellery get affected too?
  10. This is very interesting. So in the long run, do you think the more expensive pieces are more worth it?

    I took a peek at their page and it seems you are right. They show Chanel buttons as well as earrings and some necklaces that look like Chanel.


    It also says this, taken from the history page:

    "The first collections of buttons for Mademoiselle Chanel were created in 1965, and Georges Desrues was soon to become her preferred supplier. In 1984, he transferred control of his business to Chanel in order to protect the vast know-how acquired over the years. Georges Desrues continued his work – his great passion – until his death in 1992.

    The company’s development, driven by the remarkable success of Chanel, soon meant that the premises in the rue Amelot were too small, so Desrues moved its workshops to the North of Paris.""
  11. They are exquisitely made and the few pieces I have, I wear everywhere. That said, they are insanely overpriced for what they are.

    I've had some for many years and I love them just as much as when I first purchased them and the ones I changed my mind about, I sold. But you will never get your full price back. On the secondary market, people expect a bargain.

    They don't seem to fall apart either. They really last and I have such a thing for Chanel, I'm just so happy wearing the stuff.
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  12. I have tons (not kidding) of Chanel costume jewellery. You really pay for what you get - some of the expensive pieces are really very well made.

    I would avoid faux pearls because they turn yellow after a while. But there are other pieces which are very pretty. Small bits and pieces do tend to fall off but then Chanel usually fixes it for me for free. Go for special designs. Also, some pieces are very difficult to imitate because the cost is just not worth it. So actually there are fewer fakes than handbags. Do your research and you cannot go wrong.
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  13. Oh my goodness! I just invested in 2 beautiful brand-new, single strand, long Chanel necklaces. Both are very different from one another, however, both DO contain some form of "white pearls". Sadly, are these bad choices? :sad: And I should be avoiding Chanel necklaces with "white pearls" for fear of them turning yellow over time? Any/all information, suggestions, advice ... are greatly appreciated. ✨

    I have not worn them, tags are still intact, and since they arrived yesterday and today, I still have time to return/exchange.
  14. I have Chanel white pearls and they look as white as they did the years years they were purchased. One is 10 years old. Wear them enjoy them smiling!
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