Looking into acquiring my 2nd chanel... a flap maybe???

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  1. specifically the expandable classic flap (as ive read from one of the few threads that had it). 2 tpf'ers had it and i hope they dont mind if i repost their bags' pics here as i have no clue how to show everyone the flap im talking about (if its against the rules, mods pls shut the thread down TIA!)

    im debating over the LV Black Denim Neo Cabby mm and the expandable classic flap.. the flap goes up to... almost $1890 with tax.

    ill happily take any pros or cons on the flap! id really appreciate the input you Chanel experts can spare me (esp since im planning on making the trip back to NM tomorrow to make my purchase)


    here are the pics i borrowed: Thanks again!!!
    I love these pics! they got me sold on this flap!!! hehehe
    expandable classic bag flap.JPG my bag2.jpg
  2. No expert...just a Chanel lover and I say go for the Chanel Flap.:smile:
  3. If you need a roomier bag, then this flap definitely won't cut it. Hee. But if not, go for it!
  4. omg this is the flap that i just love so much. a tpfer told me she has seen it in pink and i am dying to find it. i would totally get this over a denim LV (i love LV too but between this and a denim bag, chanel wins for me).
  5. I have seen this flap IRL and it's so pretty, the leather was so nice looking, and the zipper at the bottom was different and cool. I'd get the Chanel over an LV any day, but of course you are in the Chanel forum :graucho:
  6. I love Louis Vuitton, but I don't feel comfortable spending $1500 on a denim bag. The Neo Cabby is really cute, but I prefer the Expandable Flap. I am loving the whole Expandable Line right now, especially in the brown and in the red.

  7. love love flaps! go for it
  8. The expandable flap is cute, nms, but I like pretty much any Chanel over LV, though I haven't spent much time educating myself on those bags...
  9. I would choose this over the LV... can't compare a leather with a denim side by side...

    If the size is fine with you, I think this is a gorgeous flap.
  10. I am not an expert either, but I say definitely go with the Chanel. It is to DIE for! The LV is nice too, but I think if I saw you with the Chanel, I would be drooling. heehee
  11. im DEFinitely leaning towards this flap too! i wish it was bit bigger but hey! most of my bags are HUGE anyway! :lol: and yea, my concern was denim vs. leather and the price comparison although both the LV and Chanel pieces are gorgeous! I have a black PST with gold hardware and i think a flap would be a nice addition!

    Does this flap fit as much as a large flap would??? Orrrrr more like a medium??? i mostly try to carry the minimum "essentials" nowadays ;)