Looking into a new balenciaga bag...

  1. Hiii--I post mostly on Chanel here but I've had a long enough break from Balenciaga and I think I may be into getting a new color bag...

    Currently I have just a black city from 04 and rouge vif 06...Ive gone thru a number of colors in the past and usually got tired of them withina few months:

    -bubble gum pink
    -rouge theater
    -apple green

    and a couple others I cant even remember right now.

    I was looking at the aquamarine and french blue--are those two still possible to get in the city?

    Is the aquamarine just lighter since the french blue looks a lot deeper of a color than the aquamarine...and what makes the anthracite so amazing? I was looking at the color swatches on ateliernaff and couldnt really tell how the anthracite was so cool...

    Thanks for all the help in advance :smile:

    Also--does anyone know when Fall 07 colors will be made known?
  2. I believe ateliernaff already lists the upcoming colors.


    I can't find the post right now but I know there is a picture somewhere here that compared the aquamarine and the french blue. I don't know about availability, have you tried calling BalNY?

    There are also lots of anthracite pics on the forum. Like Ink its hard to take a picture of the color because it changes. :yes:
  3. Thanks for the reply Laria!! :smile:
  4. Get a gorgeous blue color!! You won't become tired of it!!
  5. welcome back to the bbag side!! :graucho: I think you can def. still order anthra and french blue...they are both gorgeous, but I really adore the french blue!!! it just pops so much! :nuts:

    I think fall 07 colors are out already..swatches on http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/
  6. I just ordered the french blue part time in giant hardware from Balenciaga NY...talked with Terry (sp)there...she was so sweet and Im having it overnighted to me weeeee...so excited--tomorrow's my birthday so I figured I wanted to get something for myself to celebrate with :smile:

    Ive never seen the french blue or aquamarine in real life but from the pics I went with the french blue since I liked the deeper undertones and less of the distressed look and I asked her to pick me out the most smushy leather least distressed one *fingers crossed*

  7. Congrats! and Happy Birthday :balloon: